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Update:   If you’ve visited this page before, I’ve asked classmates to email pictures taken at Our JSB Reunion which I have included below.   The pictures I’ve received most recently will be on the upper part of the post.   The pictures I personally contributed are closer to the bottom.   And oh…have you heard?   I think the next reunion will not be in ten years — it will be five years!  Also, unfortunately, we are learning of others in our class who are no longer with us, so I’ve updated the blog post with their names here.    If you have a name you can provide that we’ve missed,  or if you want to email photos– or just comment, please contact me at:  rivercliffcottage@gmail.com.

Karen Stine Riddle emailed me the following pictures.    Enjoy!!

There’s Linda Owens to the left, Dennis owens…I see Mike Bell to the right.   Help me with the man in blue???


Sandy Campbell, Betty Campbell’s husband John,  Betty Campbell,  and Janet.


There’s Mark Tolley and Kenny Shuman yakking it up in the chairs. Mark is married to Kathy Hawkins. Kenny is married to Doris Clendenen.


Doris, Cathy Hawkins, and Debbie Taylor dancing it up!


And another…


Shirley Malone…


And another….


And another…


And finally….

KS Memory Board R


Back to original post:

On Saturday, July 26, 2014, John Battle’s Class gathered for our 40th Reunion!     Most of us are in the picture below but there will be more pictures from others that are more complete.   Our reunion was at the Greenway Party House in Abingdon, Virginia.  It could not have been better weather.  Warm but not hot and humid.  There was  a nice breeze.

Group Picture 1

Doris put this thing together!

Doris Clendenen

The Mendota girls (Lisa Benfield and me) helped…but only a little. Doris did the heavy lifting.

Mendota Girls

There are lots of pictures, and I don’t have all of the names. I’m hoping that you will email me at rivercliffcottage@gmail.com and let me know the names. Here we go!!

Here’s Alice Roop and Betty Campbell…

Alice Roop and Betty Campbell

Denver Raines and Dennis Salyer…

Denver Raines Dennis Salyer

Diane Duty (all the way from Seattle) and Doris (all the way from Abingdon)…

Diane and Doris

Help! I need names for these four!!   Is there a David Roberts in there somewhere?

FOur Men

Frankie Smith and his wife…

Frankie Smith

Janet Hilliard…

Janet Hillliard

Left to right: Tim Tabor, Karen Stine, Alice Roop and need your help on the last name.

Karen Tim and Alice

Trinka Hensley…Trinka also got “most children” (5) and “most grandchildren” of anyone present.


Linda Godfrey….(on the right)

Linda Godfrey

Linda Owens…

Linda Owens

Lisa Benfield and Millie Cather…

Lisa and Millie

I need your help on this one…

Man 1

Marsha Lawson…I would recognize her anywhere.   She had no clue who I was which was funny!

Marsha Lawson

Lola “Bunny” Davis and Karen Stine…

Pix 1

Dennis Salyer, Mark Tolley, Cathy Hawkins, Linda Owens and Trina Barlow…after the reunion, I learned that Cathy has published a children’s book which I’m going to order.

Pix 2

I need your help on this one for the man on the left, but that is Phil Ferski on the right.  This is crazy–Phil Ferskin and I lived less than one half mile from one another in Cary, NC at one point, and he worked for the same company my husband worked for.   Of course, neither of us knew these things.

Pix 4

Below, I believe this is Janet Dickson.  Please let me know if I’m wrong.

Pix 11

Raymond Wilson and Doris Clendenen

Raymond and Doris

Raymond Wilson

Raymond Wilson Married Longest

Raymond Wilson

Raymond Wilson

Last picture, our class president, Raymond Wilson.


Rita Sheffey’s husband, Rita Sheffey and Trina Barlow

Rita Sheffey Trina Barlow

Sherry Freeman, Linda Godrey’s husband, Linda Godfrey… I sure loved seeing these two since we all three took shorthand and typing and had those classes together.   I wonder if they have their “Know How” books still?   

Sherri Freeman Burroughs and Linda Godfrey


Cheryl Malone and Diane Duty.

Shirley Malone and Duty

Shirley Malone…who has not changed at all!!

Shirley Malone

Need help with blue shirt, Mike Bell in center and Dennis Salyers on far right.

Three men

Tim Tabor on the right, and since the guy on the left is wearing a nametag with a female face, he belongs to someone in our class!


Trina Barlow and Susan Wilson….

Trina Barlow and Susan Wilson

Trinka again…

Trinka Hensley

I love this. We needed Betty Campbell in this but she was socializing. Sherri Freeman, Linda Godfrey and I were all in Miss Craig’s Shorthand Class. Sherri was supposed to make a face!

Typing Class 2


The “Typing Girls”   (A S D F J K L ; )  Sherry, me and Linda.  I love Facebook as the three of us comment to each other frequently.   I find their typos.  🙂

Typing Class



  1. Love your blog! 🙂

    • Thank you! So glad you found it. It’s been so fun doing it. I’ve just “came out” this week. Stay with me..I’m learning and I’m also working with a blog designer on the site itself.

    • Heck! I can’t figure out if I replied or not! Thank you for reading it. Please follow me and give feedback from time to time. You are such a good writer; I value your opinion. Know you’ll be honest!

  2. Mary McCroskey says:

    Enjoy reading your blog. Keep me post on next one

    • Mary
      Thank you and I will. It would be fun to come up and take pictures of the calves with you one day. I’m doing these at least Monday thru Friday so there should be something new each day. I thought of Steve in today’s post about rain. I know he’s praying for it.

  3. Phil Parris says:

    Great work, Eva!
    Your writing style is both engaging and interesting. Thanks for sharing your life with us.
    Look forward to future posts.

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    Great as usual. You are really a great writer. Keep it coming!

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  6. Patricia Quick says:

    Eva Beaule your website is so interesting and inviting. Glad you are using your God given talents of writing, creativity, and humor. I especially enjoy the humorous names your have given to the local animals, the generator, and propane tank. I know from visiting you in Mendota that it is a special place. Whenever I want to visit Virginia all I have to do is check out your website. Love and miss you!

    • I was so hoping I would hear from you! I wasn’t sure where you were! Thank you for reading the blog…it’s a fun thing to do. What are you doing? How are you? I was in Cary in May…I thought of you everywhere I looked. It has changed alot.

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