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Hello you…this is me. I am a daughter of Clinch Mountain and a sister to the North Fork of the Holston. I live in a postcard.  Come see me!

I would love to hear from you.   Please leave a comment (in the Leave a Reply) section following each blog entry or email me at rivercliffcottage@gmail.com.



  1. Hey!

    Looking forward to checking in here to see what all you are doing.

  2. lisa benfield edwards says:

    move over Martha….Eva has arrived…she’s bound to do life a little more on the cheap!!!!and with a lot more humor…Martha is dry as a stick…you go girl…

  3. Dee Dee Taylor says:

    You look beautiful, as always.

  4. Ann Porter says:

    Your garden and home speaks peace and tranquility. The well manicured lawn and beautiful decorated home tell a story. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Melynda Taylor says:

    Enjoyed this — and found it because I’ve misplaced Danette Mayfield’s phone number — she has done a lot of work for me — draperies, upholstery — and I need her to do some. Can you please send me her number. She will remember me, I’m sure.

  6. Donna Weddle says:

    Hi, I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, but my Mom and Dad, and their parents were all born and raised mostly in Russell County, Va. Ma grew up in a house across from the swinging bridge, that she and her siblings had to walk over to go to school in Mendota. This would have been in the 1940s. Her maiden name is Emogene McCloud, her daddy, Banner McCloud, and her mother’s maiden name was Clementine (Tiny) Harrison. My sister, Mom and I drove over there in about 1998. It is so beautiful and peaceful there! That day, the Clinch mountains looked a beautiful shade of purple! I exclaimed, “so that’s what they mean in the song, for purple mountains majesty!”

    • Donna, I believe I know where you parents were raised. It is right across from where I live. It surely is a small world! Thank you for visiting my blog. I will try and update it more often with what is happening in Mendota!!! I love those mountains that you are referring to. For those of us born and raised here, as your mother would be–we are the daughters of Clinch Mountain. I’m going to post your note on my Facebook page and see if anyone recalls your mother.

      • Jim Swartsell says:

        Hi eva, I found your site by accident while looking for Mendota information. My late Mother( born Gladys Sproles) was raised in Mendota near the base of Clinch Mountain. I remember spending Summer vscations there as a kid. I live North of Cincinnati, Ohio. My “Mamwa’s” maiden name was Mamie Moore. Best Regards, Jim Swartsell

  7. Margaret Sproles says:

    Hi. Just came across your site will looking for genealogy information about Nelson and Mamie Sproles. Gladys Sproles (maiden name) was a sister to my husband’s grandfather Willie Sproles. Still looking for any information that you may wish to share😊 Take care, Margaret Sproles

    • Margaret,
      Let me forward your email to my sister, Pat, who has put her foot…maybe just toe…into our grandparents and great grandparents history. I will see if she knows anything.

      Thank you!


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