Gracie Looking Out the Window

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  1. not trying to cause worry at all.. but my dog mufasa (the love of my life), who was 11 at the time, also had a lump on his eye. due to his age, the vet also wanted to avoid surgery. unfortunately, it grew bigger & began to bleed, so surgery was done. my poor guy ended up having a stroke, not sure if it was during or immediately after the surgery. he ended up being in icu for 2 weeks, after about a month he was recovered from the stroke…unfortunately again, it was discovered he also had multiple myeloma, which is a cancer of the blood..the lump ended up being cancerous as well… with chemo medicine & biweekly visits to the vet he survived another year….

    i know my situation is pretty much a worse case scenario, my point is just make sure you are aware of all the possibilities before putting him under. quality vs quantity of life.. i have my fingers crossed for you 🙂

    • Elyse
      How nice of you to write. I know my time with Gracie is limited, and I thank you sincerely for wishing her the best. I think my vet has the same concerns as you. Im just hoping and praying. It sounds like you miss Mufasa a lot. I’m sorry you lost him. They bring so much joy to our lives.


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