Adventure Mendota…Tiny Steps!

Last week I mentioned that we had plans for our shop.      If you’re not familiar with our property — there is the shop, the row of trees and black fence, the road, and then the North Fork of the Holston River.   The shop is getting a new use.


We are in the very early steps of establishing a kayak and tubing business.   Baby steps.   If all of this comes together, and I pray that it will, it will be called Adventure Mendota.    Adventure Mendota – Float the Fork!   It has a nice sound, doesn’t it?    

I see kayaks on this river almost every day.    I hope these same folks have friends that don’t have their own kayak….maybe they will rent from us.   Here’s what they’ll see when they are paddling along.   My friend DeeDee took these pictures.   They are real pictures of a real day on our river.   Do you like what you see?   There will be tubing, too!!

Kayak Front - DeeDee

Do you have a river you love?  If not, I’ve got one I want to introduce you to.  

Eric River

Live it.  Love it.  Float it.  

Thank you for reading RiverCliff Cottage.


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