Dale Jett & Hello Stranger – Progress!

So excited.  Our Dale Jett & Hello Stranger Cemetery Benefit just went on the Crooked Road’s website.  Our little benefit takes a lot of volunteers and support; however, in the early weeks leading up to the April 25 date, it’s primarily Oscar Harris and me.   We contact newspapers, on-line bulletin boards, television stations, and tell everyone we see about our special night.  Earlier this week I showed Oscar the proposed publicity poster for this year’s event.

Here it is.   Do you like it?  The letter spacing appears incorrect in this image.  They are corrected on the copy that’s being printed.   I was a little worried because Teresa and Oscar are blurry (on purpose),  and Dale’s all crisp and clear.   He’ll get the big head for sure.



If you know of a good place for this poster to be displayed in the weeks leading up to the event, message me and I’ll get you one.  They are currently being printed.    We deliver them wherever there is an interest.    In the past two years, we’ve had that magic time when the artists and the audience connect.  They will open with “Hello Stranger” but we aren’t strangers to these musicians.  We know  and love them.   You can almost see that connecting thread when the song “Farmer’s Prayer” is played.

Many thanks to Jeff Chamberlin and our pals at Domtar Paper who support this event.   We could not do this without them.

If you’ve got loved ones or friends buried in Mendota or Mt. Vernon Cemeteries, I ask that you help me share this information.   Our donations are drastically down–we could not maintain these beautiful, restful places without fundraising.

Mendota Cemetery 4

Mt. Vernon and Mendota Cemeteries follow a time-honored, southern tradition of being there when a family is in need and not charging for the gravesite.     This event–with the accompanying Cemetery Quilt Raffle– is what allows us to continue that tradition.

Mt. Vernon Church Sign


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