You Will Never Get Me Now!

Look at this…she’s up on the pergola. She’s a fiesty looking little cat isn’t she?

Mike: “Chrissie! Put that bird down! You are a bad kitty!”
Chrissie: “Neen ner Neen ner Boo Boo…I’m up on the pergola…try and get me now!


Coming Home To Virginia


Hay Cutting Time May 2012

Last week I made an overnight trip to Alpharetta, Georgia for work.  I got home just in time to see Mr. Faust mowing hay in the backyard.  Smelled so good.  If I could package this smell, I’d be a rich woman!

Even after one night, I get excited returning home to Mendota.   Clinch Mountain…happy feet…security.  All one and the same to me.

I am a mountain person.  I don’t feel safe if Clinch Mountain is not at my back.   In Adriana Trigiana’s book Big Stone Gap, Ave Maria describes herself as a “mountain girl with a flat butt.”  That’s me.

I am not, however, dissing an overnight trip.   I even brought a pal back home with me.

My pal PB!

She’s got good taste!   Stuff for the master bedroom.  I’ll show you the pictures when the goodies come out of the bag.   Currently, I’ve got PB and her contents hidden in the closet.   Beginning next week, I’m starting the process of cleaning and painting and freshening up the inside of my house.  It’s dirty filthy nasty!



Yukon Gold Potatoes

There's gold in them thar hills

Here’s the garden that sits beside the raised beds.  These are my potatoes–not just any potatoes.  These are Yukon Gold potatoes.  My favorite.   Just past the potatoes but before the raised beds, there are some zinnia babies that will show up soon.  There are also a few bell peppers in the picture.   We’ve had trouble growing corn.  The crows eat it.  This year they are not bothering the corn.    Maybe it’s all the cicadas keeping them interested and full.

Yikes!  Could the crows be eating our honey bees instead?  I hope not!!    Whatever the reason,  they have left the corn alone for the first time in 7 years.

Anyway, while I was gone last week, my husband received some visitors.

I’d like to introduce you to the Corn Family…there are a lot of them!

Mr. and Mrs. Corn


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