The Status of the Honeybees

It was in the 50’s yesterday, so I went and checked on the honeybees.  I like chronicling them on  RiverCliff Cottage because it will remind me next year what I did wrong or right.  Doesn’t technology rock?

I’m embarrassed at how bad my efforts to sustain them through the extreme cold temperatures look. The bubble wrap is hanging down…the tarp is pulled back and looks nasty.  However, my bees are alive so I’m pretty much over feeling silly about it.

I always say my bees are mean, but I’ll let you decide.  When I recorded this, there weren’t a great many bees out but there were a few.  I was in a short sleeve t-shirt, no veil, etc, and they never threatened me.   They are just busy being bees.

I forget they are deaf so you’ll hear me chatting with them on the link below.   And now, allow me to introduce you to Mendota’s very own Rock Star Bees!






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