How About Them Apples?

What if for some reason we had to revert back to a very simple life? Would we survive? In the country, we talk about these things…we like feeling secure.  If that awful thing ever happened, I hope it’s a year like this past for our orchard.   Pear, peach and apple trees performed spectacularly.

The trees are heavy with apples even after our deer friend, Suzie Q, has done her share of picking.   She stands on her hind legs and whacks at the apples — I pretty much do the same, except in my case, the apples falll  and hit me on the head.   Suzie Q never seems to have this problem…what is your secret Suzie Q?     We have three types of apples in the orchard, but today I picked Red Delicious.   A week ago they looked ripe, but they had no flavor.  That’s changed now.  Very sweet and crunchy.    We’ve not treated these trees in two years, so they are pretty much a la natural!!   They are a very dark red.

Apples on Tree

I believe we can get at least two bushel baskets full of apples.  Here’s a “peck”…at least that is what I think is a peck.  I’ll have to ask Polly, since didn’t she pick a peck of pickled peppers?   Maybe she knows something about apples as well as peppers.

Apple Basket

I’m taking inspiration from these apples. I want to be like them. They are strong and determined. In spite of all the disease and bad things that can happen to fruit, they are happy, healthy apples! Their colors are also nice. They have deep reds, a tiny speck of gold here and there, black and then really green leaves and woody gray/brown stems. Benjamin Moore should be taking notes!

Apples on the Post

Now…on another note. Did I tell you I washed our granddaughter’s iphone? Yep. I’m so proud. It’s spotless. Grabbed the sheets off the bed and tossed them right in. With the phone bundled up inside. I should learn. Last year, I washed a suede boot which was mixed in with my jeans. The funny thing about the boot is that it looked better after the wash. The iphone? Not so sure on that one!



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