Mendota Daily June 29

Thank you to everyone who has asked about my sweet girl Luckie.  She is doing better today.   Still quiet but she’s eating and keeping it down.  I felt so bad for her, and I wanted to do something, so I drove to town and bought a bunch of expensive dog food and treats.   This doesn’t make any sense, since we are having to leash walk her to prevent her from eating deer poop as indiscrimate eating is part of her problem!   Obviously, she doesn’t care where her food comes from if she’s eating poop and we know where that comes from.   It makes me feel better though.

While I was out getting Luckie’s food, I was on the Gate City Highway, turning left at the signal light toward the Bristol Mall when I saw the Google car!   First thing I thought about was rolling down the window so the camera could see me (my debut); and the second thing I thought about what — I want that job!

Back in Mendota, things are moving along.   The guest house bedroom now has hardwood.  Even with help from our friend Mark at the onset of the project, it was a very large job for Mike with an artificial knee and bad back and neck, but by doing a little each day, it’s almost done.  I LOVE IT!   Still needs paint and toe molding, but here it is:

The work on the hardwood and Luckie being sick gave us a late start on changing the dining room from red to terracotta.

But we have started!

In this picture, we’re brushing the corners and around the trim.  I’m loving the paint color.    It’s the same color as our Virginia clay.  However, what is happening as this dining room is being painted is that I’m realizing the decorative painting doesn’t look right.  It probably will have to go.

Yesterday we were supposed to have “Farm Day” at the Mendota LIbrary as part of the Summer Reading Program.  It was cancelled, leaving the Farm Girls who had planned on bringing goats, chickens and horses to the library with nothing to do.   So…we decided to paint…ourselves!

Margie made me into a butterfly.

Lisa’s beautiful daughter, Danielle with her favorite flower on her arm…

Sunflower Girl

Lisa and Danielle…scheming…

And the magnificant Margie…she can paint anything!

We’ll be visiting Margie and Lisa’s place soon…lots of critters!

I’m keeping cool this weekend…staying inside working on projects!  How are you staying cool?


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