Half Dead Plants At Lowe’s

I love Lowe’s.  It is surely my True Love.    Here’s some of the great great deals I’ve got from the Half Dead Plant Rack.   Never pay retail!

These were purchased way back at the end of March.  They had been bitten by frost and had brown and white spots on some of the leaves. The items in this pot were marked 50% off.  I brought them home, potted them, and just watched the temperature at night.    I had to move them in the garage once or twice, but I’m really enjoying them.

Pot of Flowers

I really wanted some salvia because the bees love it. I’d bought three one-gallon pots of salvia at Home Depot when it was 4/$12. I wanted more but didn’t get back in time, and I saw it was up to $5.98 yesterday.   No way. Today I got some for $2. It was on the Half Dead Plant Rack for $3 but the manager said it looked so pitiful that he only charged me $2.  I’m wondering..was it the plant looking sad or me?   Who cares!

Salvia Ugly

I trimmed the dead leaves and broken stem off and replanted my $2 salvia in a “$10 hole” of dirt. It’ll do great, and it’s a perennial so I’ll see it again next year.

Salvia Planted

Earlier in the week I scooped up five Bachelor’s Buttons (Scabiosa) for $1 each. Nothing was wrong with the Bachelor’s Button plants except that the blooms had faded. They will come back. The yellow plant beside it had been $5.98 and I got it for $3–I felt only so/so on that purchase.

Bacherlor's Button

I wanted a few annuals and last week’s special was four six-packs for $5. I saw my brother-in-law and sister’s healthy plants, and I was green with envy. I went over to Lowe’s thinking I’d do the four six-packs for $5, too. However. the Vinca I wanted…well all of the six packs had one dead flower in them, but they were not on the Half Dead Plant Rack. I asked Lowe’s if they could discount the six pack since I wasn’t really getting six flowers. They did!! Yay! I got the six-pack five flowers for 50 cents. I almost skipped out of Lowe’s.


Mike is getting embarassed to go to Lowe’s with me. Seriously.


Mendota Cherry Blossom Festival

Japanese Weeping Cherry…a member of the Prunis family. Mr. Prunis’ daughter?  (Whoever she is, she likes big hair.)

Weeping Cherry

The 2013 Cherry Blossom Festival took place on Swinging Bridge Road in Mendota, Virginia today. It was attended by thousands of ladybugs and two dogs and three cats. As crowds of ladybugs and critters buzzed through the three cherry trees in my yard, I am reminded of the historical significance of how these trees arrived.

Yoshino 2

While the cherry trees in our nation’s capitol were a gift from the People of Japan to the People of the United States, those located at the real RiverCliff Cottage were a gift to the Beaules of Mendota from the People of Lowe’s in 2001 (located with other half dead and discarded trees at drastically discounted prices). The generosity of the People of Lowe’s was in response to a late frost. The trees were supposedly doomed, but today I think their early demise was exaggerated.

Yoshino 4

Thank you to my True Love (aka Lowe’s) for knowing when to discount a tree.


It’s Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas! It is not snowing in Southwest Virginia this Christmas. It’s raining. Bah Humbug!

Mike and I tried and tried to think of what we should get each other for Christmas, and since we could not think of one thing we needed or even wanted, we decided not to exchange gifts. We are that blessed.

It’s a different Christmas than in year’s past. For the past few years, my husband’s youngest son, Aaron, and his family have arrived sometime on Christmas and this year they are staying in Northern Virginia. We totally understand this, but it still seems a little quiet! I’m actually glad it didn’t snow, as the granddaughters love snow, and had we had snow and not them, well, that would have been sad!

However, with candles lit and our extended family nearby, we are still having a wonderful Christmas.  Of course, a Christmas visit to my True Love had to happen today!

Mike and I are regulars at Lowe’s…that is why I call Lowe’s my True Love. I would imagine that one of us is in that store five-six times per week. We were in the Kingsport Lowe’s two nights ago, and I saw a little lamp I liked. I didn’t buy it because I didn’t want to pay the 10 percent sales tax. I thought I’d find the lamp in the Bristol, Virginia Lowe’s–with only a 5 percent sales tax.

Today, I had to go to town, and I had that lamp on my mind. I went to both Bristol Lowe’s stores. No lamp.  Rats!   So…I drove back to Kingsport, and even in my gas-sipping Prius, I spent way more on gas than the sales tax would have been.

Here’s the lamp…it was $19. Nice and clean looking.

New Kitchen Light

It replaces this old one which had been in our foyer in a house that we had 20 years ago.  Although it looks like a fat, squatty little lady, I’m keeping her.   With new paint and a new shade, she’ll look good elsewhere.

Kitchen Light New

I’m writing this post and watching Lifetime Christmas movies. Perfectly happy and content. And then…surprise visitors…

It’s Betty Butterbutt wanting a dog treat and a ride back home.
Betty Butterbutt

And her sidekick, the Colonel, (as in Colonel Poopsie)…also hitchhikng and wanting a treat.  Who trained them to do this?

Colonel Poopsie

Christmas has gone to the dogs!  But that is okay…I’m thinking barns, stables, mangers, animals, sherpherds and stars…and the sweetness of a new baby that changed the world.


Kitchen Light – SOLD!

Happy Wednesday!

In June, I spent much of the month cleaning my house, and as I cleaned, I shared rooms with you.  I actually never finished cleaning the house, but I did make it to the kitchen.     I have been feeling pretty good about my cheerful little kitchen, except for the light fixture hanging above my kitchen table.   Here’s the light…I took the picture standing behind the sink facing the kitchen table.  

Note to self:  Retake this picture when you’ve wiped the countertop a little better and positioned the vase in the center of the table!!

Here it is…

 That light fixture is not right.    When I first put it up, the kitchen was a different color, had different window treatments and a different table.   I am so passed this light fixture.

The great news is that I won’t have to look at this light much longer. Mike and I were headed to the movies last night, and just as we pulled in to get out and go to purchase the ticket, I told him I’d been looking at Home Depot in Kingsport at a potential new light for the kitchen.  We decided to skip the movies and go look at Lowe’s (my love) and Home Depot (my next-in-line love) in Bristol.

Forget Home Depot in Kingsport, I found a light I really liked in the Bristol Home Depot.    I had my phone with me so I took a picture. Here it is:

It was not expensive.  It was $129.  We almost brought it home with us, but we had not visited Lowe’s at that time.   I wanted to compare because Lowe’s is my first love.      Unfortunately, there was not one at Lowe’s I liked.  The one that I considered..sort of… but didn’t like…looked like a woman’s wrought iron and glass breast hanging down from a chain.   Pass.

It was getting late so we went on home deciding to return to Home Depot in a day or so.   However, when I got home, I went to www.homedepot.com and looked up the light to see if the online price was the same as the store price.  You just never know.   It was on sale…$77.40 with free shipping.   SOLD!     It will arrive in about three days.  Can’t wait to put it up!


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