Fall or Spring

I love Coneflowers (Echinacea).  However, I have had no luck with them.  I buy them at Lowe’s and they come home with me and get all gnarly.   I’m always optimistic when I buy the 1.5 gallon Coneflower…here’s a picture from an ad.

Lowe's coneflowers

During the summer, I bought one of the Coneflowers (croaked) but I also picked up Lupine seeds and at the same time, grabbed a pack of Coneflower seeds.  I read the seed pack and decided it probably had been a waste of time…they’d never grow…and it was too late to plant them.   I tossed the seeds in the ground and forgot about them.

But Mother Nature did not forget about those seeds.   Nope…she whispered to them to grow.  And they did.  Here’s a crazy plant blooming on October 30.    I’m so excited, and it’s supposed to be back again next year.

Cone Flower Large

It will be fun to see what happens to her next summer. We’ve been cleaning up the yard for fall. My country cottage garden is all snipped back and composted for winter. I weeded and snipped and hurt my back in the process. Or could it be from loitering around the computer all time time. Hmmm…

Fence Row

There is no sign of that clematis as I completely whacked it off. I’m still treating it like a weed, since after 14 years of trying to get it to grow and then giving up, it thrived.

Clematis Plant

And look who else heard Mother Nature’s whisper? I took this picture this morning (October 30) as I picked green beans!

Green Beans

I am having this moment of gratitude for the good things in life.


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