Gracie’s Trip to the Vet

This Sweet Girl visited the vet today. Mike said she was so very brave!

Gracie Looking Out the Window

Dr. Steve says that the “warty” like thing on her eye has to come off. He’s trying an approach of squeezing it (yes, she let him…she’s a good dog) and I’m applying a steroid ointment at night. If it goes away or is reduced enough not to bother her, then we won’t attempt surgery.

He doesn’t want to do surgery due to her age…she’s almost 15. He listened to her heart. It beat strong. He watched her walk. Her arthritis was still manageable.   He felt of her lumps and bumps (too many to list).    He made a loud noise.  She didn’t hear him; her world is quiet.

Most dogs Gracie’s age are very thin.  She runs to fat.    Yes, her arthritis would be better if she was a little lighter, but Dr. Steve is delighted that she’s not thin. 

She still finds joy in her life. She loves riding in the truck, running to the shop, eating, and laying by my feet or on the couch beside me. I’m her “important person.” Mike is her “second important person” but not quite as high as me.

And I love her.  With all my heart.


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