Mendota Daily September 4

Do you recall that I said I was planning on doing a lot of fall decorating this week? Well, I still am. Everything is always slower than I think it will be. It’s like I run like water and everything around me runs like molasses.

One thing I really like about fall is fodder shocks. Many years I’ve been the first hanging out at a garden center asking when the fodder shocks are set to arrive. Even last year I bought a bunch of fodder shocks, loaded them in the truck, and then became mortified when they all fell out before I got to the first red light. I wasn’t so mortified that they fell out…things like that happen. I was mortified that I didn’t  notice they were falling out and I was leaving a trail behind me. Yikes!  Cars were blowing at me and flashing their lights.  Finally when I stopped at the light, some very nice person knocked on the window and told me I’d lost my fodder shocks.  Every where.  All over the road.

This year there will be no trip to town. I grew my own corn! It was good to eat right out of the garden, good to eat now out of the freezer, and now I’ve got my own corn stalks. Sigh. Life is good.

So here they are. I decided I’d surprise Mike and cut them down myself. (This is truly a surprise…I usually outlast him on things like this and he’ll eventually take care of them for me.)

Truthfully, I wasn’t even sure how to cut them down. I went and got a little pruning saw. Here it is. It’s lying on our picnic table. Our oldest grandson painted his name on the picnic table two years ago. I always enjoy looking at it and thought I’d share it with you.

So I just went out and started sawing the old corn stalks.   It was easy.   However, I was glad I didn’t get a manicure today.

Just a few dozen whacks and a few trips from the garden to the front of the house, and I had one nice fodder shock set up.  This is in the front of our house.  I used a walkway light to anchor my fodder shock and lots of florist wire to keep it in place.

I wonder how many calories I burned trotting back and forth with my fodder shocks plus the sawing?   Here’s the fodder shock in the rear of the house. There was a vine growing up the corn and I just left it in there.  It’ll turn brown and not be noticeable, but right now, I think it looks pretty.   See those little black eyed susie flowers?   They volunteered and I love them.

I’ll be adding pumpkins and mums and bows.  I didn’t grow pumpkins this year, and I’m so mad at myself!

Prior to my channeling Paul Bunyan and sawing corn stalks. I had been to Kingsport for a few things.  I can’t believe I had to go to Kingsport…I’ve never liked that drive, but drive it I did!    I had to return a fake pumpkin at Hobby Lobby and visit the consignment store to drop off some things.  By the way, do you think that Bristol could manage to shelve either Cabela’s or Bass Pro and give us a Joanne’s, Hobby Lobby or Michael’s?        I hate driving to Kingsport to get my crafty stuff and it’s especially difficult when you have to have two of everything since you mess the first try up.

Moving along after I cut down half of the corn stalks…I came back in the house.

I went back to my organization projects.   When I organized the closet in the guest bedroom, I encountered the king size down comforter lying on the bed in the same room.  I recently removed this from one of the beds, washed it, hung it out to dry and then realized I had no place to put the monster.  It’s been lying in the front bedroom in a big blob on the bed for three or four days.  In this picture, it’s on the floor, and you can see what I”m faced with.   Try folding it and it comes to life!

However, when I was in Kingsport today, I swung by Target and bought a box of  space saver vacumn things.  Two jumbos bags in a box for $12.  I wondered if they really worked that well.   They do!

Here’s what the comforter looked like after I wrestled it into the bag and then vacummed the air out.   It’s sort of strange looking.  I wonder about all of the down feathers…will they ever fluff up again?

I’ll worry about refluffing later.  Look how well it went into the’s at the very top.    I do not know why this thing is called a bonnetiere, but we bought it at Ethan Allen about 15 years ago and that’s what they called it.  I use it for quilts and stuff.  Apparently, Mike uses it for a hotwheels set…that is what is in the little gold box on the right on the first shelf.   What was he thinking?  Isn’t he a little old for that?

Back on it tomorrow!



Checking Off The List!

Did you have a great Labor Day?   It was overcast and rainy in Mendota, so we stayed inside.    Actually, we celebrated by going to my favorite place!  Lowe’s!  However, we didn’t get there.   We ended up at Home Depot.  I feel so dirty…slutty…for stepping out on My Love like that.    However, I wasn’t driving and had no control.    Forgive me Lowe’s!   You are my one True Love. 

I am not a list maker. I didn’t make a real list today, but I made a virtual list! I always have a list in my head. Today’s list went something like this…

1) Walk
2) Shower
3) Get more chalkpaint
4) Scrub porch
5) Finish organizing guest bedroom closet
6) Take stuff over for the September 8 Washington County Volunteer Fire Department’s yard sale…

I did them all, almost. I didn’t get the yardsale stuff delivered, but I have a good excuse as I’m still adding things to it.

Here’s the closet as it looks right now. Remember, this is Phase I.   I know it’s not over-the-top impressive but I am pleased with the progress.

If you are totally unimpressed, please remember my starting point…

It was a wreck.  I opened the door and that little pile of fabric fell on the floor…kind of like it jumped to its death due to its terrible living conditions.   I’d just shoved it in there in a busy moment.   Sorry.

I now have two of the Little Debbie boxes all painted up with ribbons  in the top of the closet. If you did not read last night’s post talking about the Little Debbie boxes  you may do so here.  These were so easy.  I’ve got some flannel linens in one that are so bulky that they do not fold well, and the other one that says “Bingo” houses prizes I’ve collected for a future Mendota Cemetery Bingo.   Before, they were just stuffed here and there.  Embarassing.  Do other people have closets that look like this?

Whew…while my list was not long, I’m tired tonight.   Tomorrow I’m going to take 15 items to Whitney’s Closet in Kingsport for consignment (15 is the most without an appointment that I can take over for review). I’ve also go to start working on my Barbie cake for Saturday’s Mendota Heritage Festival.  And a zillion other things!


Little Debbie to the Rescue

As I go through the house cleaning, freshening and “taking my house back” after ignoring it for quite a while, I have been mortified at what I’ve allowed our closets to look like. It’s going to be a process getting them to look as I picture them in my mind.   By next spring, I’ll have the closets looking perfect, but this will happen in phases.    I’m losing weight (three weeks at work and it was a bit of a setback) and at some point I’ll be culling my wardrobe. However, until that happens, I’m hanging onto most of my clothes. Next spring I will be ready to get rid of things (translate..sell them on consignment) and that will be the time that I really organize my closets.

Meanwhile, I have to get them in some order. Here’s the painful truth…


So…Phase I begins.   The first thing I did was take quite a bit of the things out of the closet.   I tried to group things together.  There was the fabric stash…and there were sheet sets…and there was just stuff.

I didn’t want to buy more baskets and bins, but I needed  additional items to put “stuff” in.   I remembered some boxes Mike had brought home from Sam’s Club.

And here’s the inspiration for using the box…I’m just following the directions…”recycle”…

I decided to paint the box with chalk paint.

I’m going to do more of these boxes and I want to use something other than chalk paint.  However, this is the only thing I’ve got at the house. Living so far from a store makes everyone in Mendota very resourceful.

I like ribbon and buy all kinds of it when I see it for a good price. I knew I’d be able to use this somewhere in the bedroom.

I took the ribbon and glued it to the painted box with a hot glue gun. This is my prototype…I wanted to have an idea of what this would look like. I have so many ideas that are failures! Because I was anxious to see if it would be something I’d like, I just eyeballed putting the ribbon on the box. If I do another one, which I will, I’ll be a little more precise.

Here’s what it looks like in my closet. I added a bow and wrote “linens” on the side so I’d remember what is in the box.

I’m continuing to work on the closet and will share some pictures later in the week when Phase I is finished. Hopefully, I can work on it and some fall decor projects tomorrow, but I know that Mike has a really great job in store for me scrubbing the porch. Such as sweet guy.


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