Those Boots Are Made For Putting Away in the Spring

It is very cold out this morning, and believe it or not, it’s March 28 and we have a dusting of snow.   What is this about?   March is definitely going out like a lion.

I am focusing on cleaning my house all day today. I’m not even answering the phone.  I want to do some of the things that are passed over as we quickly do the weekly cleaning…like put my boots away.   However, they had to be cleaned first.  Here’s the tools of my trade.

Tools of the Trade

After I cleaned each boot, I either put them away in a box large enough to hold them or in these shoe organization units I got at IKEA a few years ago.  These come 4/$7.99.      Here’s the link:     I am not an IKEA person except for organization and storage.  For those, I am definitely an IKEA person.

Shoe Thing

You open them and zip them which gives them structure.

IKEA Shoe Box Zipper

Slip your shoes in the opposite side from the zipper.   These are a pair of ankle boots that I’ve had for 5 years.  The square heel is a little out of style, but I pay that no mind!  I still wear them occasionally.  They are very comfortable.  They are  Baretraps.

Ankle Boots Stored

And then…the opposite end opens with Velcro, and the shoes can be seen but they are protected.

Ankle Boots Hidden

I wear boots all winter long.  I love boots, and I try and take care of the ones that I’ve got.  I’ve learned that when you purchase a boot, you should purchase reasonably good ones.

These boots were purchased from Talbot’s in 2001.  Yes…count the years — 14 years ago!    There is not one “pick” in the leather.   They were on sale for about $100.   Considering the years of use I’ve received and the fact that these boots are comfortable and somewhat timeless, that has been a bargain.  I shined them up and put them away for another year.    I have Uggs that cost more but I know they will not last like these boots.  Still, I love my warm suede Uggs, too.  They are at the cleaners being cleaned and readied for winter.    For my leather boots, I cleaned them myself.

Brown Knee Boot

Alternatively, these boots  were purchased for about $30 last year.   They were so cute, and I wasn’t thinking smartly.  They are Rampage boots.  Look at them.  I threw them in the trash after this photo.   The leather is torn which can be forgiven but there also is a broken seam which says that the boot is not well made.  Cute, but I won’t do this again.

Torn Leather

More Baretraps.  Another favorite pair of boots are pictured below.  These boots are only a year old but I’ve worn them every week of the winter.   Not every day, but at least every week.  While they do not have a “shiny” look–they have been cleaned in this picture– there are no tears and all the seams are all strong.  They actually were never shiny!

Beartrap Boot Box

I wear the brown BareTraps below all of the time when I’m not working and once in a while when I am.    We have casual Friday at work, and yesterday I was sitting in a meeting beside the President of our company swinging my foot admiring my jeans and these boots while everyone was talking, and he looked at me with a look that said “you’re taking this casual thing a bit too far.”   I do admit they are more “Tractor Supply” than “regular work.”   Still,   I’ll  pretend that look was totally misunderstood and he was admiring my boots right along with me.   These are my every day “Go To” boots.  I love them.  I cleaned them up after this picture was made and put them away.   I’ll still be loving them next fall.

Bear Trap Brown

So the boots are cleaned and put away as I finish this post.   I’m now waiting on the electrician who is coming to do some work here…and while he’s doing some of the “hard things,” he is also hanging some lights.   I think it’s time to hang this!!   I’ll show it to you when it’s up (if it looks like it does in my mind’s eye)!!



Thank you for reading RiverCliff Cottage.



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