Garage Cleaning and Organization – Finished!

We just finished with our Garage Reorganization Project. I so happy it is complete. Here’s our journey which started more than a week ago…

Unorganized Garage 1

I used a system I learned at AGC (where I used to work) called “5S”. It includes Sorting, Straightening, Shining, Standardizing and Sustaining.

Starting with Sorting… I sorted in three piles…Keep, Throw Away, Sell in Garage Sale.

Garage Organization First Step

Straightening and Shining….Before putting things back (straightening), I cleaned windows, swept spider webs and cleaned the refrigerator inside and out. Lots of elbow grease and sweat (shining).

Clean Frig

Standardizing. I made a place for everything. This involved a trip to Sam’s Club where I got all sorts of cool boxes, sprayed them with chalkboard paint and then marked them.

Boxes are Marked

Labeled all the canning jar boxes…

Jars Labeled

Here’s the shelves on the first phase of the project…

Garage Reorg Day 2

There were some things (picture below) that didn’t belong on shelves…those misfits are propped up beside the shelves. In a garage, anything that is on the floor is twice as dirty as anything that is off the ground. Yuck.

Stuff in Corner

Mike had to help me, and I really appreciate everything he did. He installed a unit to hold the mop, broom, etc. Then, he made me two pegboard stations to hang things on. Here he is and I know his knee is bothering him, so I really appreciate his help. Thanks buddy!!

Mike Helping

Here’s one of the pegboards in its “virgin” state..before I put anything on it.

Pegboard empty with broom hanger

And here it is again. Everything now has a place. That is the sustaining part.

Peg Board 1

Here’s the other pegboard. I’m going to focus on recycling on this side of the garage and will post about that in the future. Mike's side of garage

Last, I love the chalkboard Mike and I made which I’ve already posted about. When he leaves, I always remind him about things and now the garage chalkboard will be a visual reminder, too!! Nagging!! I’ll be adding some more useful things on it. I think I started the garage reorganization project just so I could have this chalkboard!!

Yardstock and Chalkboard 2

And I like the yardsticks that surround the chalkboard. See what they say..”Clean Up.” And that’s what we did!!

Yardstock CloseUp

Thank you for reading RiverCliff Cottage.


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