Living Room Clean and Re-Arranged

Each spring I go room by room and clean house.   I started in my living room this year.    I took everything out of the room.  Here’s what it looked like over a week ago.


And it stayed that way for a few days.   Finally, we finished cleaning this room and reversing the fan for warm weather which was immediately followed by a night where the temperature dropped to 19 degrees.    Spring must be very confused this year.

This room is painted in a Benjamin Moore color I have used before and I never tire of it.  It’s called Concord Ivory.  I’m not sure I would like it in a dark room but in a sunny room, it looks so pretty and cheerful.

LR Couch

I cleaned this room from the top town. I vacuumed each piece of furniture and put it back where it belonged and then I decided to move it around. This couch was somewhere else in the room.   I still don’t have the curtains up.

I also moved this curio.  That “arrangement” is sticks I got in the yard and a forsythia branch.   I know…it’s a fake.  Sorry. 


Without running out and buying a lot of stuff, I tried to make the mantle look more spring like. I removed the red berries from the willow branches and inserted some green berries I purchased at Walmart for $3.   Like the forsythia, I’m sorry to say my berries are fake.

Willow in Vase Spring 2

Here’s the mantle…

Mantel 2

I like to see books and magazines on a coffee table. I also like to use alot of live plants in this room (in spite of my two fakes I mentioned earier. )

Coffee Table

Here’s the whole room again…I like this room. I think it’s pretty but still casual enough to be comfortable, and it’s very eclectic. I really do need to put the curtains back up. I will. Maybe today.

LR 2

Next is the kitchen. Have you started your spring cleaning?


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