How About Them Tomatoes?

We finished up the garage sale today. I learned a lot. I had advertised the sale in the newspaper which was $40, but that was a waste. By the time people from Bristol got here, the good stuff was gone. By putting pictures on Facebook as well as advertising on Facebook, I was able to connect with enough people around Mendota to sell everything. The added fun was seeing my neighbors…where else would Trish AND Rico be able to shop together?

Riko and Trish

So a bit after Rico and Trish came by, Mike returned to the house to wash the truck. He was bending here and there, and all of a sudden, his pants fell down. Talk about tomatoes that aren’t ripe!!!

But these tomatoes ARE ripe. BIll Jones of Hiltons grows these pretty tomatoes.

Basil Tomatoes Up Close

I added basil from my patio…and them some cheese…are you hungry yet?…

Tomatoes with Mozzo

Sprinkled a little of this on the whole thing…I also added some sea salt.

Balsamic Vinegar


Balsamic Vinegar on Tomatoes

Even if you don’t think it is beautiful, it sure is a lot prettier than those two white tomatoes I saw when Mike was washing his truck. Scary.


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