River’s Story Begins

On February 4, 2015, we lost our last dog of the three that had shared RiverCliff Cottage since it was built in 1999.  The first one to leave was our beloved Annie. She was followed by Gracie and then, of course, Luckie. Luckie was the hardest because there was no one else waiting at home. This painting was done about two years ago of Gracie and Luckie.

Luckie and Gracie

Some people like animals, some people love animals, and there are some people who actually relate to animals more than humans.   I think Mike and I fall somewhere in between the last two.    We had made a decision not to get a dog until September since it would be challenging to handle a new dog and the activities of Adventure Mendota.

When we removed the Luckie Dog Woodshop sign because it was in the way of Adventure Mendota’s parking, I was filled with emptiness and sadness.    We went up and played a bit with our neighbor’s German Shepherd, and on the way home, Mike said, “I think we should go ahead and get another dog.”

The next morning, out of the blue, this was in my email inbox from my animal rights activist/animal rescue friend, Beth.

From: Beth Davis < highhopehaven@yahoo.com>
To: beaule < beaule@aol.com>
Sent: Wed, Apr 29, 2015 8:51 am
Subject: reminds me of Lucky

 I saw this on craigslist this morning and thought of you but haven’t heard back from them for more info…
please help him (and there was a picture which I couldn’t insert in this post)
this dog came wondering into the neighborhood. Very sweet can tell its been around kids been following mine around. His front paw is hurt. Don’t know if got hit or …

Following receipt of the email, Mike called me and said “this may be the dog.”  Are you interested?   I emailed Beth back and said that we were interested.

So Beth reached out to the person who posted the picture, and Mike got the address and went to see the dog.  Mike, unfortunately, had a pulled a tendon in his calve, and could barely walk, so he asked our brother-in-law to go with him to see the dog.  The dog was very reluctant to get in the truck which suggests it was dropped off and abandoned.

But the dog did get in.    And when I got home, this dog was here to meet me.   My “bestie” at work, Regina,  conspired with me on the best name for this dog.   “River”….it so works for him!

River Looking at the Camera Best

He’s been here less than 24 and has been in the river twice. He’s a good dog, and he has been loved by someone. He walks pretty well on the leash and will not get on the furniture. I bought him Blue Buffalo dogfood which is a good brand, and he wants to eat things like potato salad, potato chips, and sandwich butts.

Riiver Looking Away

Monday he will meet his vet for the first time. He’ll get his shots, have blood work done, and have this paw looked at that appears to be a toenail issue. If all goes well, Tuesday, he will be neutered. River doesn’t need the distraction of doggy testosterone. He has a business to run.

Meet the official mascot of Adventure Mendota:

River Looking at the Camera


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