A Queen No More….Navy Bean Soup

It’s January.   Winter of 2016 is here.  Looking to the left from my front porch… Looking to the right from the same spot.. Definitely is God’s country.   However, there is almost a foot of the “devil’s dandruff” covering everything, and we’re stuck.  River, my beloved Little Man, has not ridden in his truck for days.  Can you imagine?    […]

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First Real Snow of 2016

I love snow.  It’s magic.   We had a little magic this morning!    Al Archer, the weather guy for WXBQ, said we’d have about one inch of snow.   We had anywhere from about two to five inches throughout the Tri-Cities.    I went into work and decided to leave at 10:00 am, because I was concerned about […]

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What’s That Higher Ed Building On Lee Highway Anyway?

Did you play the Powerball Lottery?  Did you win anything?  I did.  One of my numbers was 10, and I won $8.   Here’s what I bought with my winnings.   I’m good with this prize.   I’m watching a tribute to Willy Nelson as I type this and wondering if he’s sick or something.  He’s getting such […]

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Boom! Ears Are Pierced!

I gathered all my courage and went into Epic Ink Tattoo today.   I asked for Scottie as I was told he was the best piercer around, and my 59 year old ears deserved the best.     These ears had seen a little action when I was 12 or 13 when Lisa Benfield Edwards […]

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Where Are They Now?

Do you remember this past summer when a cat that I named Lilly showed up and had five kittens?   I posted about those kittens off and on for eight weeks and then I stopped.    Something rather tragic happened to this mother cat that captured my heart… Three days after the last kitten was […]

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To Pierce or Not To Pierce

I’ve been wanting to get my ears pierced for years!   My best lifelong friend, Lisa Benfield Edwards, and I had some piercing activity when we were 12 or 13.   We stuck needles in our ears and put broom sticks in the holes to hold the holes open while they healed.  Mine got infected. […]

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Bristol On A Sunday Morning

Mike and I got up early and went to Brstol this morning.  We haven’t been going to church for about the last six months.  I think we’ll start again in the coming weeks, but, for me–and I realize there are many who might debate this–a bit of time away from church is necessary on occasion. […]

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2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions?  One of mine is to be more organized and in the process of being more organized, I lost the very cool picture I took of my closet getting organized.  Maybe I ought to rethink if I can really do that. Here’s my first resolution for the New Year. […]

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19 Days to Christmas!

We had some friends and family over and went to the Barter Theatre today.   River wanted to look nice for our guests so he got out a few neckties to look over. “I dunno,” I heard him say.   “Nothing really speaks to me.” He finally decided on green which was what I recommended […]

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Fixin’ Up for Christmas in Virginia

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, and I have started decorating.   I love a natural, country Christmas.   I started with the sled that I bought in Mendota for $15.    Paired with stems of boxwood and a velvet ribbon, I’m so happy with it.   It’s right by my front door. I am lazy about holidays. […]

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