Mendota Flooding Part I

We have had two full days of rain following an already rainy week here in Mendota, Virginia.   The North Fork of the Holston has “just had it” and is getting ready to flood.   I called this Mendota Flooding Part I because no doubt when I wake up tomorrow morning, the river will be in the roads.

Here’s some pictures.   Standing on Civil Drive looking at the Mendota Bridge.

And here’s another look…

Civil Drive was flooded, but this actually happens frequently.  No biggie here.

Standing on the bridge looking forward to the community of Mendota.   Clinch Mountain is covered in fog.

And then there’s this…looking back toward Civil Drive.

Driving down Mendota Road where creeks are going crazy…this is at Katie and Oscar Harris’ house.

Water running off of Clinch Mountain…too much for the culvert to handle.

These swinging bridges are vulnerable if the water keeps rising, which it’s suppose to do.

River bank…

Adventure Mendota’s dock.   It may hold…it may not.  We just do the best we can.

I’ll take more tomorrow!!


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