Mendota Rising!! Loving Poor Valley!

To me, this is more true today than in quite some time.

Boots Corrected

Here’s why…

1) I’ve got me a doggy again. He’s a celeb dog.

River Big Picture

Rebecca Pepin wrote about him on her blog which I highly recommend you read AND COMMENT!!! She will love your comments! At any rate, River is famous, and you can read about it here! He thinks we are now “Staff.”

2) Adventure Mendota had a fabulous weekend, and our phone is still ringing. We are so excited. Here they are folks…just waiting on you!!

Six Waiting

Can someone in Mendota, Virginia bring ecotourism into our part of Washington County? Good, clean fun for families? Keep your fingers crossed!

Kristen Quon joined the Adventure Mendota posse pulling for this little paddle sports business “in the sticks” last week and brought us lots of recognition. I was so happy when I saw her blue WCYB car in front of Adventure Mendota!!


3) Are there people who will remove that beautiful dress from the box or hanger and let Adventure Mendota and Regina Shinall make it memorable again? Heather Faust Bruner did! She trusted this to Regina Shinall.

Heather 1

Regina gave me a couple of very glamourous roles….pull donkey and/or gofer.  Heather was having a ball.  The river was a little chilly, but she’s a country girl and so long as she wasn’t gray dead with cold too blue, we kept at it!!

Heather and me

4) And the kind words and people who came from everywhere and did a little of this…

Second Girl in Kayak

and this…

Girl in KayaK

Thank you for reading RiverCliff Cottage!!!


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