Sawblade Barn Quilt Square

When did I start talking about getting a quilt square put on the shop?   I carried this around for months.

Sawblade pattern

It was before we’d ever even thought about Adventure Mendota.    It  was almost finished on September 16 in the post I called Mendota Rising.

I said it was 20 percent finished in a post in August called Keep On the Sunny Side.  Oh my gosh…was I ever an optimist!   I wanted that quilt square in the worst way.  I gave Mike the pattern, and he said I should draw it out but he’d paint the plywood first.  I came home and he’d painted the plywood, drawn the pattern and he started painting the green “blades”.   He said I needed to finish painting it the next day.   I told him I would, but I came home and Jr. Picasso had done most of the painting.   Great!  I don’t mind delegating!    It’s all about the end result.

And then…it sat.   And it sat.   And it sat.   I could not say too much since I’d contributed zero on it.   And no matter how many times I suggested we go down and finish it, it just sat.   He had some excuses that were logical…winter had arrived and it had become extremely cold.  The shop’s floor is like a giant ice cube when it gets cold.   It sat all winter.

And then…like the redbuds that came out Saturday…look what appeared on the outside of the shop today.  Sawblades to the left..

Sawblade 2

Sawblades to the right…sawblades on the shop..they’re really out of sight!   (Picasso is married to a poet!)

This barn quilt square is a 4 x 4 piece of plywood.    Because it was a bit smaller than the 6 x 6 that I’d originally wanted, Mike framed it to give it more of a presence.    We kept it simple and tried to use paint we already had.  I’d at one time painted some exterior doors red and green.   We used all exterior paint so there was no need to put a sealer on the quilt square.    Mike just came by and said “we…we…we???”  Okay…he did all of this.

Saw Blade on Barn

Now he needs a new project.    We are going to have our patio redone as it looks horrible.   We need to put the stone that will be removed to good use.  I’m thinking a fire pit for Adventure Mendota.




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  1. Love love your quilt square!!! I’ve wanted one of these on the front of our garage we added several years ago. It needs one sooo bad! I’m so impressed by your talent and tenacity! Maybe it took awhile but at least you did it! And it looks fabulous!

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