A Perfect Day

Yesterday was an almost perfect day for me.   I have a few friends who will get this completely.   I stayed home and worked on “home stuff.”   My house was a wreck.  Our dining room table had been a “catch all” for months.   Now it’s dusted and gleaming and everything is put away.

I even got Mike’s son and his wife’s gifts ready to give them.  Until yesterday, they were just in a bag.  We’re planning on hooking up with them soon when the weather straightens out. Looking at this picture, you might think I’m way ahead for Christmas 2015. Nope…this is still 2014! I’ve got our grandsons’ cash, and I’ve almost spent it 30 times.


I started dragging things out and pretty soon the kitchen looked like this…it was almost perfect except that I don’t see any cookies fresh out of the oven.

Messy Kitchen on Snowy Day

Full-blown A.D.D. In the process of cleaning, I did other stuff. Important stuff…such as taking pictures of my fruit bowl. I’m very impressed with this picture.


Put some flowers in a jar. The manager of Food Lion in Gate City gave me these flowers. The price rang up wrong, so he just gave them to me! Me!! I am now in love with the manager of Food Lion. I think this is going somewhere…him and me. I don’t care if they were carnations left over from Valentine’s Day. Mike only got me a card.

Flowers on Snowy Day

Put my Victory Garden pictures in frames and hung them…this picture stinks, but they look pretty good. There’s a better picture of them in yesterday’s post. You’ll just have to come see them!

Victory Posters

Fixed a pot of chicken minestrone soup..


And strategically placed this seed pack where I’ll see it and be reminded that spring will be here soon (surely), and it will be time to plant some lettuce. I can’t wait!

Lettuce Seeds

And before you know it, the living room was cleaned, the sheets changed and the bedrooms cleaned, things pulled out to take to the consignment shop and the bathrooms were cleaned. And that kitchen? Well, in spite of my getting off track a few dozen times, it’s done!

Clean Kitchen

And no, I did not hide stuff on this side of the room while taking pictures of that side of the room!  And look…you can see the dining room table through the door–it really is shining!!

Seriously Clean Kitchen

Do any of you “get it” how this was a perfect day?


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  1. Gosh, you make me feel worthless! Ha but, yay you!

    • Don’t feel worthless. I had done nothing for three weeks. I’ve alternately felt bad from this lingering cold or plunged into sorrow missing my pal Luckie, but yesterday was a turning point!!! On the mend!!

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