What To Wear???

This week, it’s what to wear, although not to work.  It’s what to wear at Adventure Mendota.   Here’s a few of the items we’re looking at which the staff will wear as well as have for sale. (The staff?  Well, it just sounds good. )

Apparel 1

I’m really “feeling” the white hat above, but we are just getting one style and Mike says the white might be too feminine.   Soo…do you like this better?

Apparel 2

Or maybe just the logo?

Apparel 3

And then there is the t-shirt…

apparel 4 front

With this in the back…

Apparel 5 back

Do any of these “float your boat?”    Please let me know.



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  1. Pat Gardner says:

    I’ve been summer hiking and on the river in summer in kayaks wearing a dark color hat and my head got hot. I wear only white now.

    • I think you and I look good in white so there should be two white ones. Why didn’t you tell me I had all kinds of grammatical and spelling errors in this?

  2. I agree that black would be hot! Maybe khaki? (And FYI Mike….Gary prefers white hats because he says he wants to look like the good guy!) Not afraid to show his feminine side!!

    • But black is so sophisticated Gayle….we will look so cool in our sunglasses and black hats! Cool…even if we are sweating and hot!

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