Crooked River Farm – Early February

Because so many people have asked how “that big barn” is coming along, I stopped and took a few quick pictures today as I drove by the Crooked River Farm.    The Crooked River Farm is a wedding and corporate event venue just past the Scott County Line in Hiltons, Virginia.

Crooked River BannerLots of progress is being made. The barns are to a point where work can proceed even if the weather is not cooperating.  The fireplace is under construction…I could see the division of rooms, etc.

I took pictures of the outside of the barns but I wasn’t happy with them. I was more happy with the pictures I took inside the barn.  They won’t show you room divisions or where things are, but they might give you the “feel” of the big barn where the events will be held.

The interior is starting to “show off” a little bit. This barn’s old wood is from a  mill in Ohio.   Mike was in awe as he rubbed it and looked at it imagining what this old barn has seen, and imagining what it has yet to see.   He enjoys old wood so much.

CRF Barn wood

I stepped back and took this picture below…I like the way the light is filling up the window and door openings.

CRF inside the barn

Looking through photo editing software..I stepped back and changed it up a little….it also brings to life the mezzanine on the right.   I really like the picture below.

CRF Pencil

Did the same thing in a photo editor but with lots of white this me the feeling of being inside the barn at night.

CRF Barn Exposed

But here’s my favorite…the real thing.   This is an amazing structure.  My photography friend is going to be asking me “why didn’t you take me?”   Maybe next time!

CRF Barn Light

If David and Annette will let me, I’ll take some good exterior shots in a few weeks, but in the interim, I hope these show you a bit of the progress that is being made at the Crooked River Farm.    It will be worth the wait.


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