Luckie….The Best Dog

In 1999, we built our house and near Thanksgiving of that year, we got two Golden Retrievers. In the summer that followed, another little dog showed up. I was walking by the river, and a skinny little black and tan dog touched the back of my calf with her nose. When I turned around, she skittered back. She was afraid.

Luckie Don't Forget

She got brave enough to come up on RiverCliff hill, and I sat out some food. Mike flew in from Massachusetts that evening, and when he saw the little dog, he suggested we feed her and get her spayed so that we could find her a home.


Step 5 Doggy


On Monday, I took her to Bristol Animal Clinic and she met Emily and Dr. John Stone. I explained what we were going to do, and Dr. Stone asked if the little dog had a name.  As he asked, he rubbed her ear and made a comment..”this is a good dog.” I told him that I was calling her Penny because her eyes were the color of copper pennies. He said, “I’d call this dog Lucky because she is one lucky little dog.”

Lucky found her home but it was not with anyone else. She settled in here, changed her name to Luckie with an “ie” and soon nudged her way into our house and into our hearts. We ended up with three large dogs living inside the house.


She became Mike’s constant companion. He portrayed her as a service dog and she got to go into Walmart. I know. It’s awful. She was just such a good dog and so smart.  She and he got away with that for a long time.

Mike and Luckie Off to Church

When Mike’s truck moved, Luckie was right there. On the job. She was a healthy dog–although she had trouble with her ACL’s, but with good vet care from Dr. Steve Dotson of Bristol Animal Hospital and the UT Vet School, we had both ACL’s replaced and Luckie continued to run and leap for many additional years.

Luckie Wearing PolerTek Dog Wear

But time marches on and Luckie was approaching 16 years of age.  About a year ago, she could no longer get in her beloved truck. We lifted her in and out. More recently, however, the normal daily things became difficult for her.   Last week, she went outside to use the restroom and she fell. She could not get back up. I went out and lifted her up “righting” her, and she walked back in the house, but she was very frightened, and I knew our time together was short.

Luckie 3 In church Sunday, our pastor talked about making decisions, and I prayed for guidance. Although I never had that “aha” moment,  I became more peaceful with letting her go. If you are a believer, and I am, you know that animals will be in heaven for we are told in Isaiah that “the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together; and a little child shall lead them.”

Luckie and Gracie

Another comforting verse is “All flesh shall see the salvation of God.”    She was flesh.

But I am going to miss her.  Mike is going to miss her worse.   We are sad.   She was our special little pal.   She and I sat on the floor of Dr. Dotson’s office and I snuggled her and whispered how much I loved her.   She relaxed and relaxed…gently falling asleep.    I stayed with her and held her until she was in a place where her legs will never hurt again.

Luckie in the Truck

Luckie Beaule…given to us by God sometime in the year 2000.  Returned to God on February 4, 2015.



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  1. Regina King says:

    So sorry for your loss, but you have such a wonderful outlook.

  2. Oh, Eva…I’m so sorry! I know how loved those ‘lucky’ dogs were! Tell Mike for me that I’m sorry! This week marked a year since Manda lost Bronx and she’s had a hard week. I know she’ll read this blog, and it will comfort her too. Love you two so much!

  3. Patty Odum says:

    Eva Im so sorry for the loss of luckie. This page for her is beautiful. She had a wonderful life and great mon and dad to love her. They are like children to us and we hurt just like we lost a child. Hope God gives you strength and will to keep lovin others. Sorry again

  4. Bless you Eva! What a wonderful 15 years!

  5. So sorry, Eva. This post made tears come to my eyes. I’m sure Luckie knew how loved she was and still is. Hope that your beautiful memories of her make you smile through this difficult time.

  6. Butch and I are so sorry for your loss of Luckie. Please tell Mike we are thinking of him as well. Love you both.

  7. I cant type for crying..I am sorry..she sure was Lucky..and had a long happy life!!

  8. I am crying with you…..I truly know how much this hurts. Our pets are the only real source of unconditional love we have on this earth. Prayers for you and Mike as you adjust to a new life. And like you said, we know she will be waiting when we cross over! I have several there waiting for me too! Love you.

  9. Deidra Puryea says:

    Oh Eva and Mike I am so sorry to hear about Lucky. I know how you Love your dogs. I remember mike bringing them to store for hot dogs years back. I also know personally the loss of a pet is so hard and I feel so bad for you both. Lucky was very blessed to have you as his parents!

  10. Lisa Benfield edwards says:

    So sad for you….letting go of our fur babies is hard…all my best to you and mike… Love and prayers…

  11. Muriel Smythe says:

    Glad you took such good care of her!! I know you will miss her!!

  12. Eva and Mike,
    I’m thinking of you. Luckie was a very special dog . You care for all your animals as anyone would care for their children. Luckie was very luckie have you and Mike. I count my blessing for having you in my life.

  13. Kay Elliott says:

    So sorry for the loss of your beloved pet. She was definitely a lucky dog to have you and Mike.


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