Drone Down in the Fork – Help Solve the Mystery!

Update on 1/26/15 – Drone Down…Drone Found. The downed drone belonged to Adam Barker and was lost June 2013 and found in 2014 by Dustin Reedy. Adam and Dustin have now hooked up!!

Dustin Reedy was fishing on the North Fork of the Holson on “the Mendota section” on Swinging Bridge Road.   In the waters below the Swinging Bridge, he caught something big, but it wasn’t a fish.

It was this:

Dustin Reedy's Drone

Someone was having a great day with their drone and GoPro sometime around January 12. Dustin knows what the owner looks like because he was able to pull the SD card from the GoPro. He’s asked around but, to date, who owned the downed drone and GoPro remains a mystery.

Can you help us out? Not that many people have drones, so if you know someone who does, please ask them if their drone has “gone AWOL.” Email me and I’ll give you information on how to contact Dustin.


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  1. Adam Barker says:

    That was mine 🙁 I was flying next to the swinging bridge getting some video and pictures from about 1,000 ft up. I brought it down to a hover about 50ft above me and saw one propeller had came loose from its mount and was free spinning. Not a huge deal. A hexacopter can lose one prop and be okay. But as I was bringing it on down a second prop failed and it shot over into the river just above the mill dam. The river was at flood stage so there was no recovering it. Everything was energized when it went in and the GoPro camera was not in a sealed case, so everything was ruined anyway. I am hoping to get the pictures back if I can get in touch with Dustin.

    • Adam…Dustin has been trying to find you for almost a year! I do not know him but I have his email address which is reedy.dusty@gmail.com We need to write GoPro and tell them your SD card did not fail in the camera after being in the river so long!!

      I’ve emailed Dustin your phone numbers. Eva

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