Icy North Fork January 10 2015

The past three days have had evenings in the single digits.   As a result, the North Fork looks a little different.     My brother in law, Gerald, took these pictures.

Ice 1

The water looks “shiny” in the picture below.  That’s not shine!  That’s ice!

Icy 2

She’s got freckles in this one!

Icy 3

This is right in front of Adventure Mendota!   Woo hoo!  Float the Fork in 2015.   (Disclaimer..when it’s a little warmer!)

Icy 4

Up in front of Jewell’s house.  Jewell is gone to Glory but her place will always be know as “Jewell’s house.”  Anywhere the river curves, the ice starts to back up.

Icy 5

Now, all we need is a little snow to fall.   Don’t you agree?



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