Chalkboard Window Project For Winter

A long, long time ago, I saw what looked like a window with chalkboard on it.  It was in Pottery Barn a few Christmases ago.

Pottery Barn Chalkboard Window

I am appreciative to the creative folks at Pottery Barn because their Christmas chalkboard project inspired me to go out and hunt an old window.  I found one in Church Hill, Tennessee for $5 or $7 — I really can’t remember.

The first time out, it looked like this:

Holiday Window With Chalk Ink

It began to evolve…it later looked like this on a day when I was channeling Mary Engerbreit.

Happy Window Pane

Spring rolled around…

Spring NoTalent Chalkboard Window

It got hot….I made the discovery that the seasons could all be spelled with six letters, and guess what?  I had six panes.    There was “winter, spring, summer and autumn.”

Summer 2

Apparently, though, I changed my mind, because autumn no showed.   I must have been having a bad spelling day.  I went for simpler words like “fall.”

Fall Mantle 1

And today I heard that an “Artic Blast” was headed our way.  Brr….. or it that Grr?


And, there a possibility of snow in the coming weeks!I hope!   (Just so long as it is one of those “all employees must stay home..stay in your beds…don’t get out!” kinda snows after midnight on Thursday!)

Millions of unique, one of a kind snowflakes….(higher art this isn’t).

Artwork It Is Not

And today… there’s my winter chalkboard window to brighten an otherwise dreary day when the Christmas decorations are coming down and there’s a bareness to the room.

Snow Chalkboard Window 1

It’s so easy.   This project requires only four things, and you can change it seasonally or whenever you want to.

1)   Your window which may be purchased at flea markets or antique stores.   $5-$10 is the going rate.

2)   Some tape to tape around the edges.

Window Taped Up

3.  Chalkboard spray (or the brush on).

Chalk Paint Can

4.  Chalk.  I prefer Chalk Ink.  It doesn’t run like the cheaper kinds.

5.  Your imagination which, of course, is priceless.



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  1. Pat Blaylock says:

    what did you put behind the frame to spray paint & write on?

  2. Love it!!!

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