Good Things and a Trip to the Mendota Library

Hi!  Did you have a great Christmas?   Mine was quiet, but it was exactly as we thought so I wasn’t disappointed.   We stayed at home with our Luckie dog as she continues to wind down 15+ years.      And, after 30 years, Mike is learning that Christmas is a great time to buy your wife something she would not buy herself.   He went to Shoozie’s and got me a very nice gift.


Shoozie’s is a locally-owned store in Bristol and Kingsport.    When you walk through the door, you receive that wonderful leather smell that only a small shoe store can deliver.  They have purses, wallets, jewelry and shoes.

And…a funny thing happened last night.  We made our weekly trip to Chili’s and following that, I ran into Walmart.  It’s the first time I’ve been in Walmart in several months, and it was still crowded with after Christmas returns and Friday night shopping.   I went to the self check-out counter, and when I attempted to start my transaction, it spit out $14.16 at me!   Was I ever tempted to grab the money and run!     I’ve always wondered if ATM or self check-outs ever had these types of gliches.   The check-out person said he’d never seen anything quite like this.  He said he’d seen excess $1 bills come out but never such a specific amount.

Last night, I dreamed about going to the library, so I went this morning!   It’s Food for Fines month, and I had fines on both mine and Mike’s library cards.  Earlier in the week, I’d bought a bunch of canned stuff.    It went with me this morning in exchange for a clean slate.    I went from being a library felon to a good patron.   I had two bags (in the far right in the picture below) full of food.   I love the Mendota Library.  I used to work there eons ago.   I spent more paying everyone’s library book and video fines than I made.

Library Table

Don’t you think you can tell something about a person by the books that they read?  Ok….I like pop culture and dogs according to these selections.

Two books

I’m a sucker for anything with a train so The Clinchfield No. 1 came home with me.     Debbie Macomber writes the Blossom Street series which I like.  The other book is on quilts (like I’m going to make one any time soon).  

Books 1

This is a special piece of art for anyone who attended Hamilton.

Hamilton Schools

Hope your weekend is going well.  Thank you for going to the library with me!!


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  1. Was looking for train info and our Wiki info popped up,_Virginia
    We are described as a gateway to recreation!

    • Oh how cool is that!!! And we will be!! We are!! Looked like you had a wonderful Christmas from the pictures.

      What kind of Kayak did Chris get?

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