Adventure Mendota – More Baby Steps

This weekend Mike and EJ worked outside leaving me inside to work on Adventure Mendota items.     I worked primarily on clerical items but also selected the theme for the website.  I’d reserved the domain name several weeks ago.  It’s  I’m not sure what you get when you put that in, right now, but soon there will be beginnings of our website.   This whole thing has made me very grateful to be where I am in life.   I feel a sense of melancholy appreciation.

I saw a picture tonight of this silly girl.   I barely know her.

Eva looking silly Resized

That silly girl…sometime around the time that photograph was taken made the comment “aren’t you glad we are going on a cruise NOW rather than when we’re too old to enjoy it….like say about 40?”    I’m serious.  I said that.

I was wrong on so many counts.  There are real fears about growing older primarily based on wellness and poor health.  However, to stop stop living…because of a number is a bad idea.

Mike and I are having so much fun during this time in our lives as we plan Adventure Mendota.  How could we not be excited at the thought of introducing others to this beautiful place where we live?    The river is too low for tubing in this picture, but you get the jist — I don’t see just a river…I see people tubing and having fun in the place that I love.

River 6

The North Fork — Live it!  Love it!  Tube it!

I hope you continue to follow us, pray that we won’t fall on our face, and support us in this little adventure.   It makes us feel young.  I might even go find a hat and a necklace and take a selfie!

Have a wonderful week!



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  1. Wishing you the best. Let us know if we can help!!

  2. Patti Grills says:

    Sounds wonderful! This ole girl might be right up there next summer…….,,,,,

    • Patti…I hope so..we’ll suit you up and you’ll be “floating the Fork” in no time. Thank you so much for your comment and support!!

  3. Awwwww….. fun to see you at that age!

  4. Tineke Marburg says:

    I am truly very excited for you!

  5. Sue Gardner says:

    Eva you described how much I love visiting Mendota, being with you and Mike . But to me it is even more ,for years y’all and Garry and I shared a friendship few couples have I won’t say how many years mainly because I cannot remember!! Garry’s last visit to Mendota was such a blessing to both of us and not surprisingly , to y’all as well. You allowed me the guest house where I could rest both Spiritually and physically while Mike took Garry on the adventure of flowing down your river fishing and enjoying the beauty of Gods creation and bantering as only guys understand. The experience at Sammy’s church I will never forget. I believe Garry was the only one NOT crying because he truly trusted Jesus with his eternal future. Thank you for September’s visit. The County Fair and meeting Piggy Su was fun. Seeing the movie “100 Foot Journey” was great! Every car ride or walk(Ok I admit I only took one walk) .was like a wonderland to me. The beauty and splendor everywhere I look is amazing! I am very excited about your new adventure! It will be a wonderful and exciting addition to the quaint, rural community of Mendota, Virginia. Love Sue aka BooBoo .

    • You have made me cry. I so wish we’d had more time with Garry. He would have been all over this Adventure Mendota idea!! Love ya!

  6. You haven’t changed a bit. I love your silliness. What an exciting journey you and Mike are about to embark on. We wish you nothing but luck and blessings.

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