First Day of Fall

Fall is here!!   While today is the first official day of fall, it’s been feeling “fallish” in Mendota, Virginia for quite a while.  I love the cool nights and the warm days with low or no humidity.

This morning I went out to the garden and pulled up the remainder of the onions.  There were only a few.

Onions in Basket

I’ve never dehydrated onions, and I decided to try.    I use onions in soups in the winter, and I think dehydrated onions will work as well as regular onions.  I decided to “test” this little sampling of onions.   Let’s take bets..this will result in one tablespoon of dried onions?  Two tablespoons?  Whatever it is, it will be small!!

Here they are…I only had enough for two of the dehydrator things.

Onions on Dehydrator

There’s so much to learn about things like this. I’m learning the hard way about my potatoes. I had too many potatoes to plant in the raised beds in the spring so I planted them close thinking this would give me extra potatoes.     In the picture below, the beds were bulging with potato plants.

Potatoes So Big
And today?    I have small, gnarly Yukon Gold potatoes.  Turtle taters!!   Some looked like a specific part of a man’s anatomy.   I just stomped them and threw them aside.    Seriously!!

Taters that are crazy

However, we will have plenty of potatoes for winter even if they are funny looking.   I have several of these Sam’s Club boxes full of potatoes.    I’m wiping them down and putting them in a spare frig that we have.

Taters for Winter

These potatoes are part of my “60 days” of food on hand.     If for some reason the stores don’t have food, I’ll be home eating green beans, potatoes, canned tomatoes and, oh yes, one or two tablespoons of dried onions.   Don’t laugh…I’m not alone.  This is definitely an “Appalachia thing”….”a Mendota thing.”    It’s one of our funny twists.

The once-neat garden looks like a jungle.   Look at the weeds in the blueberries!!  Yikes!

Weedy Blueberries

And now, look again, I pulled them!     These blueberries have done really well.  We need to discard the old cages and find a new way to cage and net them for next year.

Bluerberries After Weeding

And now, it’s time to fix some of those potatoes for supper!


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  1. Awww….. wish I was there for some of those rosemary potatoes!

  2. Kay Elliott says:

    At least you grew garden stuff this summer! My husband and son are not too crazy about all of the good garden veggies so we didn’t put one out. Guess we should’ve planted some potatoes though – they do like potatoes about any way you can cook them.

    • Kay

      We are the same. It’s the Scotch-Irish thing we have going on here in the mountains. Bread and potatoes. Potatoes and bread. Back and forth. Like “Weave and Spin.” 🙂

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