Dishtowel Giveway (Another One!) + Fall Wreath

I have another dishtowel to give away!   Eight readers commented on my blog on the dishtowel post, and I put their names in a bowl.   I drew Patsy Carrier’s name and she now has the dishtowel. Yay Patsy!!

This one is a little brighter.  It came from target.  I like it  because it has a jar on it.  Jars work so hard, are able to do so many things, and they look good doing it!   They are like women!

Dishtowel giveway

So…if you comment on this blog post, I’ll enter your name and someone will win this cute little dishtowel.  So easy, and it’s so fun to get things in the mail (assuming you don’t live in Mendota…poor Patsy…she got her dishtowel tossed to her while she was at work in the post office!)   We’ll have the drawing on Wednesday, September 17.

There’s more in this post.  I finished another wreath.  Last night I watched a video on how to tie a wired-ribbon  bow.  I made my bow…I don’t think I could do as well without a wired ribbon, but it was pretty easy with the wire.



I added the B that I’d spray painted black and then dabbed orange dots using an eraser and paint.

B with Dots

Looks more at home glued to the wreath….

Beyootiful B

And here it is….

Wreath Big

I really like this wreath.  It’s simple but speaks of fall.    This one will go on the door leading into our den.

I have one more door that I might make a wreath for.  It’s addictive!


Note:  Aimee won the dishtowel.   I’ve sent her an email asking for her address so I could mail the towel.    Thank you to all ten who commented and had their names entered!   This is so fun!!


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  1. Your wreath is very pretty. I especially love the “B”. Billy says thanks for the dish towel. We are getting down to very raggedy towels down here (after 40 years of using them). HaHa

  2. I love your website, always look forward to the next chapter on the bees, or your latest project.

  3. Tammie Barker says:

    How are you doing? Love all of your crafts.

  4. Linda Salyer says:

    Happy FALL! I enjoy your post.

  5. Patti Grills says:

    Love your blog and website. Just my cup of tea!

  6. Tineke Marburg says:

    Your B with dots on it reminded me of “Staphorster Stipwerk” It is a way of art/craft painting used in a very small (and religious) Dutch village called Staphorst, were they use the heads of nails to make dots on objects. (Wooden things, but also clothing) I know I have a few items in Mendota. If you are interested you can look Staphorster Stipwerk up on Google. Nice wreath you did!

  7. Trish Arnett says:

    Love your stuff

  8. Kay Elliott says:

    I enjoy reading your blog posts so much and seeing all your creative projects. 🙂

  9. How am I just now discovering your blog?! It’s all thanks to Dee Dee’s fb share that I’m here.

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