Fall Around The House

Fall is my favorite time of year. This morning when Mike and I made our trip to the Rally Mart (two eggs over medium, buttered toast), he noted that it was 63 degrees. Nice.

I’ve got a friend coming to stay for a week so I’ve been doing some cleaning and decorating for fall. Last week, I had the mantle looking like this…

Fall 4

But today I went in this direction…which is best?

Fall Mantle 1

I’ve got other fall things going on in this room…yeah yeah yeah…those leaves are fake and I know I’ve whined about how much I hate fake plants. Disclaimer: Except when it’s leaves for fall.

Fall 1

I tried to draw some leaves this morning…not so good.  This is just sad.  They are still there.  Sad, bad, but allowed to stay!

Bad Leaf

Here’s what happens if you fail to pick your summer squash…the squash becomes accessories.   I swapped out the scrapbook paper in this picture frame.  It’s polka dots for this fall!

Fall 2

Has there ever been a more beautiful fall quilt than the Glade Spring Tornado Quilt?

Fall 3

This room is a sweet room.  That couch is my bed most nights.  We have three bedrooms, a sofa bed, and a blow up mattress.  Next door, we have a sofa bed and another bedroom in the guest house.  However, I like to sleep on this couch with my feet propped up on the side.   It also makes making the bed easier.   This drives Mike crazy, but I cannot help it.  If he gets too aggravated, I will wait until he’s asleep and then sneak off to the couch.   I can just wad everything up and throw it in the closet and ta da…my bed is made up!

I love that orange pillow cover.  $3.99 at Hobby Lobby and it’s even cheaper with a 40% coupon.  Just sayin’.

Orange Pillow

I’m working on a few wreaths, too. It is not going well. I used to say I didn’t like those fluffy mesh wreaths…that was until I decided I wanted one. It’s kind of like the fall leaves…I only like them if I want to like them. It’s terrible! However, I was at Ben Franklin’s in Kingsport Tennessee and I saw this autumn plaid geo mesh and I bought a roll to make a wreath. I found that I didn’t have enough, so I drove back to Kingsport and bought a second roll. I have watched numerous You Tube Videos and step-by-step instructions and I can’t make this work and I hate it. It’s going to the trash.  It’s frayed from my handling it so much.

Hideous Geo Mesh Wreath


I’ll keep you posted on how my non-geo mesh wreaths are going.  Anything is an improvement over that thing pictured above.



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  1. Kay Elliott says:

    Love everything Fall! Your chalkboard window is cool, but there’s just something about that pumpkin painting that I adore – the colors, the frame, everything! You have your living room decorated beautifully. Maybe you can find another use for that plaid mesh that you found at Ben Franklin – the colors are beautiful and so warm and cozy looking. Thanks for sharing your home and wonderful ideas. 🙂

  2. Do you watch Flea Market Flip? I love it. Makes me think of you and all the things that you make out of different items. Comes on on Sunday night on GAC at 8:00. I’m not crafty, but love watching the show.

    • No I have not watched it but I will! I missed hearing John speak Monday at the meeting. Was it well attended? I had planned to go because I want to volunteer at the WC Fair but…like all well-intended plans!!

  3. John said he was just guessing, but he thought maybe 30. He came home that night and we left at 9:15 heading to the ER. Kidney stones! Got back home about 2:30. He still hasn’t passed it and still having pain. Hope he delivers soon! Ha!

  4. I love Ben Franklin, don’t you?

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