Hilton’s Elementary Luncheon at Mt. Vernon Church

Today was a fun day at Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church. A number of the ladies hosted a luncheon for the teachers and staff at Hilton’s Elementary School.

Hiltons Chalkboard
(I’m not sure whether it’s Hiltons or Hilton or Hilton’s….I’ve seen it all three ways.) I was in charge of two gallons of tea. They really give me the heavy responsibilities!  I didn’t even make it….it came from Pal’s!

I made the trip to Maces Springs early this morning with Mike and put blue tablecloths on all of the tables. Blue and white are the school colors. Since this was a luncheon to show our appreciation,  we used real plates to demonstrate our desire to go the extra mile as we hosted these wonderful people.   I borrowed the plates from Helene, my neighbor.  That’s how we roll here in the country — what is yours is mine if I need to borrow it!!   

Real Dishes

And real jelly jar glasses..


Here’s some pictures of the food…

Fruit Salad

I just thought of something.. Mt. Vernon needs to put together a cookbook as a fundraiser…here’s a mixed green salad that has cashews, etc. with a great poppyseed dressing.

Mrs. Fausts salad

The ever-present staple green beans…I’m wishing I had these right now as leftovers.

Green Beans

Chicken and dumplings…

Chicken and Dumplings

While I had quart jars on all of the tables with zinnias, it was Mrs. Faust’s dahlias that caught everyone’s eye….

Mrs. Faust Dahlias best

Meet a few of the cooks…Mrs. Jean Fulkerson. This woman is a heroine. She is a tireless servant. She couldn’t sleep last night so at 3 am, she was up making lemonade. I’m so glad. It was everyone’s favorite drink!

Jean Fulkerson

“F” is for Fay who is Faithful….she’s always present to help!


Rose and Mary Helen….always serving.    Did I say these women are great cooks?

rose and Mary Helen

Thelma…93 years old. She made a cake and brought tea.  I’m ashamed!  I only brought tea!


We worried at the last minute that no one would come…maybe they were busy with other things?  However, 24 members of the staff and teachers arrived.  They bounced out of their cars…happy and hungry!

Teacher 1

It was special how everyone knew one another…connected through children, grandchildren or past co-workers…they’d taught this child or that child. I did not tell them something important, and if they are reading this, here it is: “Mike and I are Arianna’s aunt and uncle.”

More wonderful folks from the school…

Teachers 2


Teachers 3

And more..

Teachers 4

Over 20 came. Thank you!!!!

Teachers 5

And more…

Teachers 6

We want a dialog with these men and women who are so important in the lives of children in our area. If there is a child in need…a family in need…we can help, and we want them to feel free to reach out to that tiny church on the hill.  We’re here!  We are commanded to help!  

Thank you for reading RiverCliff Cottage, and if you are a teacher, or schoolbus driver , school office staff, school custodian or someone else who touches the lives of a child daily, thank you from the folks at Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church.


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  1. I know as a former educator here in Arkansas, I would have been thrilled to have had such a lunch. I’m sure they all appreciated it very much. I hope they have a wonderful school year. Most of our schools here will begin on the 18th. That fruit salad looks scrumptious!

    • Jamie..I didn’t know you taught! I think they did enjoy it. I hope so, because we enjoyed having them and want them to know we’re a resource that has little red tape if they know of a child without a coat, a child going home to an empty pantry, a child needing some shoes or school supplies, etc. Churches can react quickly to those situations. The fruit salad ROCKED as did everything else. I’m still smarting because I did not get a piece of Mrs. Faust’s German chocolate cake! Thank you for reading. Don’t you enjoy looking at Ashley’s pictures?

  2. I looked for Ari’s kindergarten teacher, but didn’t see a picture of her. I don’t know what her 1st grade teacher looks like, although I do know her name. Ari says she likes her 1st grade teacher so I hope the school years starts smoothly. I am so grateful that Ari is in a small school situation where her teachers know her as Ari and not one of a 30 student class. And I love to be at school to pick Ari up early and see the children on the playground. The same playground where her mother and uncles played at recess 40 years ago. I feel like my granddaughter is being taught in a school with a long tradition of caring for children and preparing them for life long learning.

    • I agree. It reminded me of Hamilton and what we lost. They are expecting Linkcon Faust in Kindergarten but he has informed them all that he can’t go to school on Tuesdays as that is Co-Op day where he rides to a Rogersville with his granddaddy. This reminded me of Ari who attempted to quit kindergarten last year.

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