An Amazing Day

I love weddings. They are so hopeful and pretty. And of all the weddings I love, I love country weddings the best.  If you’re on Pinterest looking for wedding ideas, you know that I am not alone.

Just a little over a month ago…we were all scrambling to make sure Delaney’s Day was perfect, and I believe if it wasn’t perfect, it was pretty close to perfect.   (There was a little snag on the amount of food at the brunch on the day following…the one I was responsible for….but we’ll not dwell on that.)

I hope you enjoy this wedding video as much as I did.  I’ve watched it repeatedly.      My tears came when she came up in the truck.  Whew!

Did you cry?   I double dog dare you to tell me in a comment below!!


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  1. Amy Statzer says:

    This WHOLE ‘wedding experience’ was so rewarding for me and all of us as a community! I loved EVERY part of it! This video is WONDERFUL!….and ‘yes’, I cried!

  2. Of course I cried. I loved the truck, but didn’t choke up until the minister mentioned friends and family being present to share the occasion. This is what I tell all new brides–it is supposed to be a celebration, not just a ceremony. Friends and family there to see the couple take their vows before GOD and man, and then to share in the joy. Doesn’t matter if somone steps on the bride’s dress or if the top tier falls off the cake (or if there is a snag with the food at the brunch), at the end of the day you are married and these are the things that make memories for 50 years down the road.

    As usual I’ve run on and on—but yes I loved the video and yes I cried.

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