Magical Mailboxes In Mendota

I love mailboxes.  I like getting mail.  When I was single years and years ago and lived on the Weaver Pike…I signed up for all kinds of junk mail just so I could walk to the mailbox each day. Junk mail??? What was I thinking?

While Keanu Reeves is famous as a result of his performance as Neo in The Matrix, it was the movie The Glass House that I loved.   Through the mailbox, past and present met and true love was found.  Ahhh…

In Mendota, our mailboxes are more practical.   I was surprised when I returned to the area how many people exchange Christmas cards. Neighbor to neighbor.  I like that. But there is something uniquely magical about Mendota mailboxes.

They look like an ordinary mailbox.   No one would know this is a magic mailbox by just looking at it.

Mailboxes in Mendota

However, just watch when I open the door.

Mailbox with Eggs

You never know how many a mailbox will deliver. In this case, it wasn’t a dozen…it was 15!! This is one fertile mailbox!


Miracles abound…what once was this…wild flowers growing on a thorny bush…


Became this…a tasty single blackberry…

One Blackbery

Or a bowl of this…lots of tasty wild blackberries…

Blackberries With Sugar

I hope when you open your mailbox tomorrow you find something good in it. If not eggs, maybe it’ll be something even better. And look closely around your lawn…what might be a briar….really might end up being a berry.

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