Discover, Decide and Defend

If you are from the south where there is a Vacation Bible School on every corner, you recognized the title of this post.

Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church is  doing “discovery” today on the evidence to support the question “Is Jesus Really God’s Son.”   Like any good secret agent or detective, we needed a good place to put the evidence.

So what if it was an Ugg’s box at one time…

Ordinary Box


I do not know what day Chalk Spray Paint was created, but I’m sure glad it was.

Spray the Box


We slip the “leading” piece of evidence into the box.  God’s love letter to the world.


And now it’s ready for action.

Evidence Box

Whew!!  That makes it all official!


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  1. […] I’ve been offline for four whole days. Internet issues caused by a storm. Vacation Bible School is over except for a fun lunch on Sunday.  It was all worth it thanks to faces like this little one as she “discovers the evidence!”  (We did a modified version of Agency D3) […]

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