Wedding Bells Grapevine Wreath

We haven’t had internet for several days….something to do with a fuse and Appalachian Power.

While completely locked away from the world, I made a wreath for the door to the guesthouse. It’ll be “Wedding Bells” headquarters in a few days as a bride gets ready for her big day.

Wreath Finished

This wreath was so simple to make as it involved three things:

1) Bow
2) Chalkboard message
3) Burlap Rosettes

I had burlap on hand where I had a disasterous attempt at making burlap curtains. Nope…that did not work for me. Read about it here. Something that works everywhere else doesn’t always work for me. On the upside, it left me with large quantities of burlap which I used for Vacation Bible School banners, loaned to a friend, etc. I also used the lefover burlap for the rosettes in this wreath.

I cut three inch strips that were about 42 inches long.

Three Inch Burlap Strip

Here’s a yardstick posed with the burlap to demonstrate the length of the burlap. If you want smaller rosettes, use less width and length.

Strip of Burlap for Rosette

There’s You Tube videos and other instructions on how to twist, wrap and glue the burlap to form a rosette. My advice is just to cut your burlap, grab your glue gun and do it. I just twisted and glued occasionally, and the rosette magically appeared. Believe me, if this was hard, I would not have been able to do it.

Rosette of Burlap

I made six of them for this project. I like the organic look.

Ready to Glue Rosette

Once you’re satisfied with your rosettes, simply hot glue them to the wreath and add your other embellishments.

Wedding Bells Wreath on Pole

I’ve got this on the door of our guesthouse where my friend’s daughter, our bride, will prepare for her wedding. Once the wedding is over, this wreath will reinvent itself again. Here’s some of it’s past lives.

Wreath With a B


Christmas Wreath With  Bird Poop


Autumn Wreath


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