Bedroom Redo With Quilts

I have a lot of quilts, and I make sure they are all used.   When I considered the color for the bedroom redo (Bedroom posted here), I wanted to make sure I could use all my quilts.     In the summer, a quilt and a sheet is what I like on my bed.

Here’s an old blue and yellow quilt that I put on the bed today.  The duvet cover was just to hot for this time of year.  The quilt will be much cooler.

Bed With Quilt

Although…I do like the look of the duvet better. It has a puffy softness that beckons me to climb in. Unfortunately, once I got in there this past week, I started to sweat.

Master Bedroom 5

This will work much better for a while.

Bed With Quilt 2

This quilt just came in from the clothesline. I like the faded fabric. It’s hard to find quilts large enough to fit this bed as it’s a California King. Quilts from Pottery Barn always work.

Quilt  up close

And…the underside of the quilt has a print which makes it nice. Oh whoops…can you see that the old duvet is lying in the floor?

Items on the Floor


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