Master Bedroom Done

As I’ve been refreshing the Master Bedroom, I’ve been showing off this side…that side…of my redo.  I kept one side back because I imagined a white slipcovered chair and ottoman with this pretty throw casually thrown across the chair.  I realized today that Luckie has some say so on this.

Luckie:  “Mama..that’s not going to happen.”    She likes her denim bed…she adores the box fan blowing on her (even though there is both a ceiling fan and air conditioning running most of the time).  The chair would get in her pathway.  She only tolerates the ottoman which I guess I’ll drag back upstairs.

Master Bedroom 3

That’s okay…the room is not perfect but I like it. It’s so much better than it was.

Here’s what it looks like coming into the bedroom, and I promise there are never clothes on the floor. The bed is always made up. The room is always clean. Seriously. I can’t believe how clean it looks.

Master Bedroom 1

Here’s another…

Master Bedroom 5

I redid the end table…

Bedroom 1

I had paint left over and Mike fixed me a little thing to hang necklaces off of in the bathroom…this is just an old picture frame.

Picture Frame Jewelry

Up close…

Necklace Thing

The bedroom will change when Luckie is no longer with us and that won’t be that far off, but for now, it is done. She’s just too precious to upset.


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  1. Amanda Akey says:

    I want your bedroom…..looks like an interior designer planned, shopped for and executed the entire suite……Blue is NOT my favortie color indoors (not even Royal Blue), but this is a first-class bedroom, and I would pay premium $$$ to hibernate there!

    • Ahh…you are so nice! Blue was not my color…never even thought about it until about two months ago,and somehow that all changed!

  2. Beautiful! Just beautiful!


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