Half Dead Plants At Lowe’s

I love Lowe’s.  It is surely my True Love.    Here’s some of the great great deals I’ve got from the Half Dead Plant Rack.   Never pay retail!

These were purchased way back at the end of March.  They had been bitten by frost and had brown and white spots on some of the leaves. The items in this pot were marked 50% off.  I brought them home, potted them, and just watched the temperature at night.    I had to move them in the garage once or twice, but I’m really enjoying them.

Pot of Flowers

I really wanted some salvia because the bees love it. I’d bought three one-gallon pots of salvia at Home Depot when it was 4/$12. I wanted more but didn’t get back in time, and I saw it was up to $5.98 yesterday.   No way. Today I got some for $2. It was on the Half Dead Plant Rack for $3 but the manager said it looked so pitiful that he only charged me $2.  I’m wondering..was it the plant looking sad or me?   Who cares!

Salvia Ugly

I trimmed the dead leaves and broken stem off and replanted my $2 salvia in a “$10 hole” of dirt. It’ll do great, and it’s a perennial so I’ll see it again next year.

Salvia Planted

Earlier in the week I scooped up five Bachelor’s Buttons (Scabiosa) for $1 each. Nothing was wrong with the Bachelor’s Button plants except that the blooms had faded. They will come back. The yellow plant beside it had been $5.98 and I got it for $3–I felt only so/so on that purchase.

Bacherlor's Button

I wanted a few annuals and last week’s special was four six-packs for $5. I saw my brother-in-law and sister’s healthy plants, and I was green with envy. I went over to Lowe’s thinking I’d do the four six-packs for $5, too. However. the Vinca I wanted…well all of the six packs had one dead flower in them, but they were not on the Half Dead Plant Rack. I asked Lowe’s if they could discount the six pack since I wasn’t really getting six flowers. They did!! Yay! I got the six-pack five flowers for 50 cents. I almost skipped out of Lowe’s.


Mike is getting embarassed to go to Lowe’s with me. Seriously.


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  1. judydee says:

    Shhhhh!! Don’t tell everybody about my shopping secret–they won’t leave any for me!! Mike will get over it–my husband now lets me out at the garden center at Lowe’s and says he’ll meet me at the “Rescue plants”.

    I’ve been MIA for awhile–had a great time catching up with all the goings on.

    • Hi Judy!! Don’t you feel like you’ve done something really good when you rescue the plants? So nice to hear from you!!

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