After We Caught the Swarm of Bees

My brother-in-law, Gerald, and I checked on my bees today.   We had to establish a new home for the swarm we caught yesterday but we also needed to check on our other bees.  Hello bees!

Bees 042714

We installed a new queen bee in this hive just a few weeks ago.  We could not find her but we saw “brood” where she’s laying eggs, so we know there’s a queen in there somewhere. I wish queen bees were neon colored. I can’t ever find the queen bee.

Do you have pollen allergies?   Raw honey such as what we have has lots of pollen in it, and by ingesting the pollen, it can help alleviate symptoms.   Here’s what the pollen looks like inside the hive…see the arrow? There’s a bunch of this inside the honeycombs. The honeybees carry it into the hive in little saddle bags.  I love to watch them zoom in for landing loaded with pollen.


We also installed the bee swarm that we captured yesterday into their new home. They’ve adjusted well and are working hard. We’ve got sugar water on the hive to help them until they are well established. We were exhausted yesterday after capturing the bees. I told Gerald that when we sell honey later in the year, the price should not be $6 per pint but $700. Seriously. They wore us out!

New Bee House

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  1. Can’t wait to get some of that yummy honey!!!

  2. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, Eva. This afternoon we are waiting for the tornadoes to come through this area. It is not my favorite time of the year in Arkansas. I learn so much for blogs like yours. Keep up the hard work! Ashley left yesterday morning for MT. We sure miss her!

    • Jamie…I saw where she left and I immediately thought of you. She is such a special person, I know you wish she’d stay in Arkansas. We just think the world of her. Thank you for reading my blog. At one time, I really wanted to “work” it and try and have a lot of readers and get advertisers. Now, I just enjoy connecting to people and making friends that I would not have had the opportunity to meet. It’s “my sweet hobby.” I hate tornadoes. I’m afraid of wind. Do you have a basement?

  3. Eva at $700 a pint I’ll have one drop, please.

  4. Eva, most people don’t appreciate all the work that goes into maintaining bees and having honey. You and John thoroughly enjoy the bees, so it’s really not work to you all. Just a labor of love!!

    • Beverly,

      You are right. I wish I lived right beside you and John and could get his knowledge about our mean little pets. We really felt great catching the swarm yesterday. We just needed the themesong for “Ghostbusters” playing in the background to have made the day perfect. Professional Bee Swarm Getters!! Ha ha!! They would have most likely died if the Elk Knob guys had not let someone know. I was so excited I forgot to take pictures even though I took the camera long. They look like they’re really happy today in their new home. Thank you for commenting and reading!!!


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