What About Those Wienies?

In a small, rural community, you can find yourself doing just about anything.    I do the Publicity for the Dale Jett & Hello Stranger Cemetery Benefit, but there is a lot of other stuff involved, too.  I made a wienie run today.    I’m so tired tonight, but I keep thinking of my conversation on wienies and smiling.   I went to pick them up as they were so graciously donated, and if   the conversation did not go exactly like this, it went something like this.

Me:  “Hello…I came to get wienies.”

Very Sweet Pretty Receptionist:   “Oh yes..we’ve got them for you, but first, what kind of wienies do you want?”

Me:  “Humm…I dunno.  What kind of wienies can I get?   I want good ones.   Only the best wienie for me!”

Very Sweet Pretty Receptionist:  “We have all beef or another kind or the red ones.”

Me:  “I definitely do not want a red wienie.”

Very Sweet Pretty Receptionist:  “Most like Hormel wienies.   It’s what they have at a lot of ballgames.”

Me:  “Okay…let’s do Hormel.   Do I still get 500 wienies if I pick the good wienie?”

Very Sweet Pretty Receptionist:   “Yes!   You can just go to your vehicle and someone will come out and load your wienies for you.”

Me:  “Thank you so much.  I don’t really eater wienies so I didn’t know.  You’ve been so helpful.”

Very Sweet Pretty Receptionist:  “I don’t eat them either.”

Out at the truck waiting…

Man Delivering Wienies:  “You’ve got yourself some good wienies here.”

Me:  “Really…that’s great!  The only wienies I’m really familiar with are Pal’s wienies.”

Man Delivering Wienies:  “These are THE BEST wienies.  You’ll love them.”

Me:  “Thank you so much for the wienies.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them!  You are so good to us down in Mendota!  We love the wienies!”  (Why couldn’t I just say thank you instead of gushing?)

Man Delivering Wienies:  “You’re Welcome!  Anytime!”


Please come to the Third Annual Dale Jett & Hello Stranger Cemetery Benefit and try these wienies for yourself!   You may love our wienies!




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  1. You are making me want a weenie

  2. Wanting a wienie or two tomorrow night!! Thanks for all your work Eva!! I sold 50 raffle tickets today!!

    • WOW you are on it! We have sold over a 100 and we haven’t even got the quilt. I appreciate your work too! Mutual admiration society…that’s us! Couple of wienies.

  3. Wish I was close enough to come to the benefit. It sounds like a good time and dare I say it good wienies, 🙂



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