I Can’t Think of Anything Else

Ok…we are now three “sleeps” away from the Third Annual Dale Jett & Hello Stranger Cemetery Benefit.   This was the first one and that’s Dale Jett digging around for a door prize ticket.  There were hundreds and he pulled out his first cousin’s name!   Crazy!     I remember that day well.  I’d been in Chapel Hill, NC  all week and I drove home the morning of the benefit and I got a speeding ticket in Galax that was so terrible it was considered RECKLESS DRIVING or is that WRECKLESS DRIVING?    I’m so tired I don’t know.

thanksgiving hog

Oink Oink Squeal


It’s now the Third Annual Benefit, and I’m still worried about the very same things.   I have lost a little bit of weight though, but I think the oink oink squeal still applies.




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  1. Eva, honey, hold on. It is just about over. You’ve done a fantastic job with public relations as always. Everything is going to be fine. Take a deep breath and try to relax.

  2. You always do great!! Great afghan–got anymore?

    • We do have more afghans! They are really priced well at $40 and like everything else…it all goes to the Mendota Cemetery! Please support our Mendota Cemetery!!

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