Nordyke – Spring in Mendota

My sister, Nancy, commented “have you been on Nordyke since the redbuds have opened up?” I thought it was time to take a drive with the camera. Loaded my sidekick in the truck. It’s just not right living in the country without a truck and a dog.

Luckie in the Truck

Look look! We almost have a new road — the Barnrock Road project is almost complete!

Barn Rock Road Almost Done

We stopped on the Nordyke Bridge for a picture…

Nordyke Bridge

Look back over our shoulder…here’s what it looks like when you enter the valley from Nordyke. I know. Ya wanna buy some land..maybe a little cabin…do a little fishin’.    We understand.

Meadow BEst

Looking around at the redbuds…

Red Bud 1

They are all along the road…

Red Bud 2

More pretties…

Lower Nordyke

There’s a new reality television show called “Southern Justice” and it features law enforcement in Sullivan County, Tennessee.   The scenery was so pretty. We take it for granted until we see it in a picture.    Thinking of this caused me to take notice of some of the surroundings I travel by so often and just don’t notice.   This is Caney Valley…which is off of Nordyke…such a pretty curve in the road.

Caney Valley

The deer aren’t hungry now.  Look at this lush green grass.   Bruce’s cows graze by day and the deer by night.  I see them at night here all of the time.   Look at the mountain.  It’s not yet green.  Soon!

Nordyke Cabin

Whrrrr….what a great day to be out in the country!


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