I Cannot Stop Laughing

It’s been a good day.

1)  Both of my bee hives are alive.

2)  I’ve gotten old, but my vision improved (this happens when you’re nearsighted and start getting old…but hey…still good!)

3)  And then there is this.




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  1. You’re doing good. Really glad about your bees and eyes!!

  2. Diane Malcolm says:

    LOL!!!! Thanks for the chuckle!!!

    • Diane…that one made my day. It’s nice to hear from you. Hope you and Mike are staying warm. If you want to get together a Rook tournament some time, we’ll do it!

  3. That deer must have been eating some of the same cherries you ate before you went to the movies that time.


  1. […] a little deer thawing out. I wonder if it’s a farting deer. If you don’t get that, please go here. You’ll crack […]

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