We Visited Elizabethton

Do you recognize this? If you do, you’ve visited Elizabethton in Carter County, Tennessee. It’s the Doe River Covered Bridge. I took this picture when it was so.very.cold! I’ll go back and take one on a spring day.

Doe River Bridge

I wanted to go to Elizabethton for a while. When I worked for “the phone company” a zillion years ago, I did customer training at North American Rayon. Bemberg Industries and North American Rayon were huge manufacturing plants. I wondered what happened to them. I Googled and found out that they were gone.  Sigh…I hope the people found other jobs.  

So what was left in Elizabethton? Very nice people and lots of antique stores. The downtown is full of antique stores! I am at a place in my life where I’m getting rid of things versus acquiring them, so I was just a looker…not a shopper.

There was one very cute item that I took a picture of with my iphone. I’ve had Fence Post Pals on the blog a couple of times, but was a new take (for me) on crafting with fence posts. Isn’t she lovely?


This would be a great way to use horrible Christmas sweaters.


These were $30.   I almost bought one.   

Elizabethton is a town that is hanging on.  I liked it.  I am going back.



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  1. karen eaton says:

    I saw these sweet little fence post people!! My friend and I had the same thoughts about the sweaters…although they looked awful cute on those little guys!! 🙂

  2. My hometown…next time visit the Coffee Company..they have great lunch and breakfast..The women in my family have a “Bored” meeting at the Coffee Company every other month..

    • Denise…Elizabethton is such a wonderful little town. I really enjoyed it. You are the second person who has told me about the Coffee Company. Someone else told me there was a dress shop. Do you know where that is? I also want to visit the Bonnie Kate.

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