Mendota Post Office and This Strange Cat

My day began in a surprising manner. Sam the Cat returned from being outside for about 90 minutes. He climbed into bed and began “marching” or what I call “making muffins.” He marched for about a minute and then he peed on me. Not a little bit.

Later, after everything was churning away in the washer and I’d showered,  I asked him..”what was up with this peeing in the bed thing? It’s a little creepy, Sam?”

Sam 1

“I’m getting ready to roll. Can’t answer you now.”


Sam 2

“Those 600 count sheets get wet just like the 180 count nubby ones. How did you like the smell?  You are mine now, baby!  I’ve marked you!!


Sam 3

“Nanny nanny boo boo…better to be pissed on than pissed off.”

Suffice it to say, Sam spent a very unhappy afternoon outside looking in. This time spent on the wrong side of the “Door of Shame”  has made him sleepy tonight. He’s inside, but he may be snoozing in the garage tonight. Still not certain.

Later, I went to the Mendota Post Office and decided to take you along. We are thankful for our post office. While the hours were cut, the location was spared.

US Post Office Mendota VA

The post office sits at the base of Clinch Mountain…just down from the Mendota Cemetery. It’s across from what was the Mendota Medical Center. Some day.


I had a very small package to mail to Mike’s mother in California. I’d found some lavender goat’s milk lotion made in Jonesville, Virginia — about 45 minutes away.

Evelyn Beaule Package

Have you ever went to a post office and felt you were interrupting someone’s day?  It’s not that way in Mendota.

Kim gives me a big hello when she sees me!

KimThe Mail Lady

Here’s the hours…

Mendota Post Office Hours

Have you ever seen a healthier indoor plant (picture below)?  This is the Mendota Contingency Plan for Emergencies. We’ll be cutting this for firewood if our electricity goes out.  That’s a joke.

Large PO TreeWe’re little, but we got all the fixins…

Post Office Stuff

The post office is a hub for learning what is happening with our neighbors..

The Gathering Bowl

Lifelong friend Patsy is the postmistress. She’d turned her head away… hiding…peekaboo Patsy!   Kim…well…she’s not hiding.

Post Mistress and Mail Lady

I mailed my little package. I enjoy getting anything in the mail, so I like to mail to others. It is so nice to get something delivered. Are you that way?   I bought some stamps. They will increase in price soon, and I wanted to buy a few ahead of time. Patsy always pulls out her folder and lets me pick out something pretty.


If you live in Mendota, please buy your stamps at the Mendota Post Office. If you can’t get down to pick them up, give Patsy a call. She and Kim will work to get those stamps delivered!!

Do you understand why the adage, “once you get that Poor Valley dirt on your feet, you can’t wipe it off” is true?  It’s just not the same anywhere else on earth.


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  1. Thanks, Eva. I appreciate all you do for the post office. Your patronage really helps us out. Don’t think anyone really realizes how much just buying one or two stamps can add up. The more I sell–the safer I feel–I HOPE!!! Again, THANKS!!

  2. Sam is too funny! Mendota sounds like such a lovely place to live. I live in rural Pa. and your post office reminds me of our tiny one down the road.

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