Little Bathroom Project is Done! Brassy to Classy!

I love my Little Bathroom now. It’s so fresh and clean. The gold walls are gone, the builder-grade unframed mirror is framed, the faucette is now a brushed nickle, and I have new lights. At one time we’d talked about swapping out the sink to granite, but I didn’t want the added expense, and I like this one just fine. I’m going to write a post on things we learned from other bloggers and also from our experience in framing out this mirror.

Little Bathroom Sink Picture

Like that pop of red in there? Yep, I do!


I wish I took better pictures…

Bathroom Picture 1

If there was only one thing I could have done in this bathroom after painting it, it would be to change out the lights. I really like them.

Little Bathroom Sink Picture 2

I wanted to make all of the little “decor” things to save money. I’m going to add something else, but for right now, it’s just blackbirds on plates. The yellow towels are the same color as the entry hall coming into the bathroom so they are my “transition” pieces along with a bit of black and a bit of red which is in every room in my house.

Blackbirds on Plywood

Here was my “before” photo…I hope you like this one better.

Little Bathroom Project 2

This was a change that Mike and I were both ready for. Except for swapping out the plumbing, which my brother-in-law Gerald helped with, Mike or I did everything ourselves. It was much harder to do than I anticipated because of the confined space. Glad it’s over now, and I’m very happy with the way it looks.

Mike did not like the color of this room. How about you? What do you think? I was sure surprised when he said he did not like it.


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  1. It’s hard to see exact colors on the computer, but it looks to be a kind of putty/gray. I like it and Mike should just get over himself!! Looks great!!!

  2. It’s not that I would of had much trouble with the bathroom before but it is prettier now. You did good.

  3. DEBBIE Cassell says:

    Is it a med.gray..looks great…I would like that for my bedroom walls…Nice…did you put the birds on the plate???like them!!! Love your décor…Happy….Fun…Relaxing….

    • Debbie….I did put the birds on white plates. I have a few extra. If you want to try this, just let me know and I’ll mail them to you.

      Thank you for checking out the bathroom…I like the color for the bedroom, too. I was just really surprised how much harder it was to get this bathroom done than I thought it would be. So.Glad.It.Is.OVer!!

  4. Eva, I love the pop of red and the little hand towels for guests. I am getting ready to go to Bed Bath and Beyond to stock up on things for our new apartment and I love that idea for the guest bath.

    I wish we would have connected while I was in Bristol as well but am certainly glad we are connected now.

    Lady Sweet Tea

    • Oh Deborah…thank you….but don’t forget TJ Maxx and Marshalls, too, along with BB&B. They are so much more cost effective! Keep up your blog…I’ll be looking at it. I hope you feel better each day.


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